Arona Gray Ceramic and Cork Soap Dish Holder Tray Soap Holder, Soap Saver

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Arona Gray Ceramic and Cork Standing Soap Dish Holder Tray Soap Holder Soap Saver. Cork is back! Neutral, natural with a little nod to the seventies. Made from durable, tough type of ceramic in conjunction with a layer of natural cork on the underside, the Arona accessories each have a sturdy yet serene look & feel. The type of ceramic used for Arona has a somewhat robust and rough appearance. However, when combined with the grey shading and cork it creates a lovely sense of calm in the bathroom. All items are fitted with discreet rubber feet to prevent direct contact with moisture.

- Imported from Belgium
- Color: Gray, Brown
- Material: Ceramic, Cork
- Type: Free Standing
- Shape: Round
- Dimension: 4.7 W x 4.7 D x 1.2 H in.

The Arona soap dish is made from ceramic, finished off with natural on the underside. This round soap dish is easy to keep clean and features holes to allow moisture to drain away. The soap dish is a subtly decorative item that really completes the naturally serene mood in the bathroom.