Vremi Kitchen Shears, Kitchen Scissors for Meat Poultry Fish Herbs Nuts, Herb Scissors Set - Heavy Duty Easy Function Come Apart Multipurpose Culinary Scissors in Stainless Steel with Blade Covers

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Professional kitchen scissors set multifunctional food cutters include pairs shears mdash large long pair trimming meat chicken poultry scale fish seafood small blade shear cutter snip fresh herbs

Detachable culinary shears with functions come apart high quality multifunction kitchen have built-in nut cracker bottle opener vegetable peeler screw driver scaler used two knives open boxes cut thin bone

Sharp -layer herb scissor portable multi purpose kitchen-shears cooking tools kit includes heavy-duty functional scissors with five pro blades snip parsley basil cilantro more recipe meal prep vegetables dish garnish

Magnet holder cleaning comb cutlery shears sets include protective cover sheaths easy travel kitchen scissors case piece features magnetic back fridge storage herb cutting has multiple blades

Ergonomic non slip handles with non-slip comfort grips blue green made safe bpa plastic stainless steel kitchen scissors size herb hand wash keep rust proof clean dishwasher


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