Silicone Kitchen Sponge, Antibacterial, Food-Grade, Mildew-Free, Non-Stick and BPA-Free. Multi-purpose Cleaning Magic Scrubber.

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High-quality material this soft silicone sponge made environmentally friendly food grade antibacterial bpa-free fda-approved choose best quality product available protect health family

Multi-functional this silicone brush washing dishes plates fruit vegetable heat-resistant pot holder multiple functions home kitchen body scrubber shower facial

Antibacterial highly non-absorbent our magic silicone brush discourages growth any bacteria odor acute really easy clean quick dry amp dishwasher safe speedy natural drying deformation residue

Temperature range high-quality heat-resistant silicone durable safe

Easier this silicone brush replace old style improving kitchen hygiene super easy clean just rinse with water put dishwasher

Home silicone sponge best choice family say goodbye smelly our ecological prevents breeding bacteria they sterilized boiling water ensure cleaning sanitation washed dishwasher quality this soft brush made high-quality environment friendly food grade bpa-free fda-approved antibacterial easy clean multifunction effectively replaces traditional sponges kitchen ideal washing dishes fruits vegetables it's resistant extreme temperatures insulating mats freshly baked wash body face perform gentle scrub shower flexible eco-friendly durable non-water absorbent will get mildew dry last longer than even look new after every note because light irradiation computer display difference photos can't color exactly right there little between picture object