Silicone Egg Bites Molds For Instant Pot Accessories (2 Packs) with Silicone Lids - Fits Pressure Cooker 3, 5,6,8qt,Tiny Size Reusable Baby Food Storage Container Freezer Ice Tray

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Bpa material made premium food grade silicone fda approved durable reusable egg bites molds single hole diameter holes with packs lids

Freezer tray with lids flexible lid preserves freshness flavors keeps food safe contamination burns

Multipurpose great instant pot accessories pressure cooker egg cake bake molds freezer trays baby food storage container breast milk puree snacks holder sort small items

Versatile stain resistant bacteria odor freezer containers are perfect refrigerator oven microwave dishwasher safe temperature deg

Easy clean wash storage dishwasher running water directly then put dry place away direct sunlight


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