Shot Glass Set (6 Glasses) in Stylish Vintage Bamboo Shot Glass Holder – 1 Ounce Glasses – Glassware and Shot Stand – Professional Look – Pro Or Amateur Bartenders – Best Gift Ideas (Crystal Clear)

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Premium grade glass these trendy bartender's shots are made durable which makes more regular shot glasses therefore they top-notch satisfy all needs

Cool wooden stand six shooters package comes with smooth stylish designed each shot glass this holder will keep all shots still make easier carry away once without spilling break any them dimensions

Very durable our shot holder made finest quality bamboo ensure long period excellent comes with engraved cool trendy bartender logo shots text side

Dishwasher safe glass shooters are made hard heavy base making them easy wash machine

Crack guaranteed any reason glasses arrive cracked will replace asap charge

Introducing new high quality vintage style shot holder with glasses all love party especially are around best friends family share moments there epic without shots boy really know them too why offer this cool package real help you're having loved ones basic barware they bartender's these perfect round tequila vodka whiskey mini cocktails any choice even though bartender must have parties dinners meet ups old other similar occasions however most times end filling top results half liquor being spilled floor trendy has designed stylish bamboo will perfectly fit needs matter professional barman bartendertm put together set deal every bar home kitchen includes along six crystal clear enjoy nights out fun drinking boss versatile design adds touch elegance finesse place carrying extremely easy more clothes give yourself buddies great experience next get glass order now hell

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