Set of Two Gripper Clips for Moving Hot Plate or Bowls with Food Out, From Instant Pot, Microwave, Oven, Air Fryer. Accessory for Lifting Insta Pot Inner Liner.

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Seem must-have accessory instant pot lovers will receive grippers with random color handle order

Clip lift hot inner pot steamer basket out instant pots well other plate tray bowl micro wave oven air fryer boiling safely

Stainless steel head frame tough durable lift lbs with single hand highly recommend lifting heavier pots both hands grippers

Abs anti-skid plastic handle bpa-free safe dishwasher

Stainless steel heads with silicone pads extra strength hold plates bowls trays without damaging them

Stay side caution our grippers instead you've placed instant pot microwave oven need grab out this simple gadget used with hand are needing lift heavier items will wise purchase two each features material stainless steel plastic inch expanded height approx total weight about easy clean best invention since mittens holders don't have worry throwing washer because food stains advantages compact size portability storage take vacations trips easily stored hotel rooms lightweight comfortable handle gripping using old tales remedies save yourself determining steps get rid kitchen burn newest design comes equipped silicone head just wash allow dry ease mind attracting uninvited welcomed critters due leftover self-adhesive towels

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