Redbird Artisan Small Glass Teapot with Glass Lid - Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Filter Basket - Microwave and Stovetop Safe Glass Tea Pot 600 mL/20 oz

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Borosilicate lab glass safe gas glass-top ceramic-top ranges all newer electric crystal clear tea viewing

Clean focused pour dripless spout means drips drops this vessel excellent over coffee hold lid dropped lids break

Small glass teapot perfect cups great gongfu preparation helper pot cooling water batches ounce usable capacity

Fda approved bpa borosilicate glass stainless steel tested independent labs purity compliance filter strainer very fine perfect delicate green teas english blends yet spacious enough large leaf tea

Warranty against all defects additional oops dropped coverage lid filter year shipped handsome insulated gift box

Redbird tpe borosilicate glass teapot small tea pot designed brewing loose leaf visit any shop asia you'll find simple this used prepare water steeping small-pot it's quality item follow few suggestions happy made purchase how get most all parts are dishwasher safe components microwave lid with without filter hold pouring prevent dropping breakage over heat range filled warm fully potholder boiling stove scour stainless steel keep mind artisan preparation similar teapots japan taiwan china nearly every house high-quality heat-resistant still treat care comes warranty lid-replacement because well stuff happens


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