Red Ceramic Mason Jar Utensil Holder

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Touch retro retro-chic vintage mason jar inspired utensil holder perfectly suite kitchen table top designed capture mood counter tops giving sophisticated stylish look while securing freshly baked goodies stay fresh

Perfect present gift any kind occasssion family friends would surely love receive such cute functional

Collectible great addition vintage collection just any styled stuff homey yet sophisticated touch kitchen while giving more space cupboards even used creatively style way want decorate home

Crafted with ceramic finished trademark emboss design perfectly mimic mason jars comes tight lid ensuring baked goodies stay fresh dishwasher-safe recommended adult supervision used children

Inclusions includes ceramic mason jar utensil holder color red

Perfectly mimics retro chic vintage look mason jars made quality ceramic material finished with trademark embossed design give full blast experience past this affordable accent keep most-used kitchen utensils organized at-the-ready

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