QKitchen Kitchen Sink Caddy ✔ Attractive and Practical ✔ Detachable ✔ Hanging and Drying Space ✔ Draining Plate ✔ Ample Space ✔ Simple ✔ Easy to clean ✔ Dishwasher Safe ✔ Fits Neatly On Most Kitchen

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Hanging space integrated rail provides drying damp dishcloths what else say other than neat place put cloth usually draped over tap pot brush scourer it's more hygienic keep sponges cloths well aired having them outside caddy good design whole thing looks smart very tidy with this stylish qkitchen sink

Draining plate within base creates area placing wet sponges concealed reservoir beneath unit collects any drained water keep dish sponge brush conveniently stored while wash dishes with adjustable holder this features neck strap fits neatly around most size kitchen sink faucet has two compartments hold washing scrub

Dismantled entire unit easy cleaning dishwasher safe clean steralise keeps sink tidy this extra wide qkitchen caddy does job nicely perfectly rsquo quality item pleasing look well designed purpose keeping usual stuff messily strewn around kitchen fabulous handy storing washing liquid etc instead them slipping draining board

Attractive amp practical sink caddy this kitchen keeps area neat everything need within easy reach ledge hanger provides secure non-slip grip stylish design organized storage variety dish cleaning tools because sits neatly inside any excess water soap drains away incorporates rubber dish-brush sponge-draining compartment dishcloth hanging-rail

Ample space main body unit provides storing dish washing liquid bottle brush qkitchen sink caddy great cutlery supplies keeps soap sponge close where they are needed allows easy draining drying perfect kitchen needs attached securely near with very little effort has received numerous recognition beautiful design high quality workmanship


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