Q's INN Red Silicone Trivet Mats | Hot Pot Holders | Drying Mat. Our potholders Kitchen Tool is Heat Resistant to 440°F, Non-slip,durable, flexible easy to wash and dry and Contains 4 pcs.

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Our silicone trivet helps protect table countertop deg fda approved have multi purpose mats hot pot holders drying mat jar opener spoon holder garlic peeler coaster

Flexibe strong with superior heat protection our mats used hot pot holders remain unharmed under extreme temperature ranges deg oven freezer microwave dishwasher

Honeycomb pattern takes over water makes this pads used dish drying mat large coaster easy dry squeesing out shaking

Non slip mats used jar opener even garlic peeler due good adherence ideal size diameter thickness rounde tickness squared

Fda approved silicone material won't mold stain absorb odors it's safe used kitchen will change color affect taste food spoon holder


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