Pure Convenience Deluxe Sprouting System - Pure Glass and Stainless Steel Sprouting Stands, Jars & Tray - Organic Broccoli & Lentil Seeds - Dishwasher Safe - Super Easy - Lotus & Sky PCDLXRED (Red)

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Purity grow own sprouts pure glass ball quart mason jars with stainless steel lids surgical screens offers highest level resistance rust corrosion many people today store their food containers avoid harmful chemicals plastics why plastic convenience sprouting system touches

Convenience ndash solid stainless steel stands instantly hold jars correct angle proper aeration draining our are designed specifically sprouting repurposed cell phone holders might find elsewhere dishwasher safe knobs fail phthalate-containing plastic coatings compact tray keeps counters clean dry this system original true healthy sprouts

Superfoods organic broccoli lentil sprouting seeds are included home grown sprouts high nutrition low cost easy grow perfect new experienced sprouters comes with instructions -page guide

Quality before buying sprouting kit ask yourself are sprouts growing plastic system dishwasher safe does have parts will wear out come with organic seeds get started immediately convenient easy clean sterilize health time worth difference

Fun ndash clear glass lets see sprouts growing brings life kitchen enhances sulforaphane content broccoli genuine lotus amp sky pure convenience sprouting systems are available exclusively compatible with stainless steel lids

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