Premium Egg Cooker With HOLDER | FREE Silicone Oil Brush | Hard Boiled Eggs Without Shell | 6 Silicone Egg Cups

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Holder this set includes upgraded which will keep handle firmly attached egg cups are full let fall off assembly required with lets easily safely put out pot boiling water turn locked place preventing tilting onto their sides

Easy make hard boiled eggs with bonus oil brush hassle peeling just crack boil pop includes silicone conveniently lather onto insides egg cups -pack

Simple steps generous amount extra virgin olive oil thoroughly evenly coat inside each cup using convenient silicone brush prevent sticking crack eggs cups put holder turn lock them place handle safely pot boiling water carefully remove cool minute pop out serve

Ease clean lid collar cup separated easy cleaning dishwasher safe made non-stick silicone intended used microwave

Makes great food easy make soft hard boiled eggs scrambled mini omelettes benedict more

Will love pacshine's easy-to-make hard-boiled eggs cooker with holder bonus silicone oil brush more hassle peeling hard boiled comes handle let easily safely put egg cups outof pot boiling water turn are locked place preventingthem turning onto their sides includes conveniently lather insides simple steps three short bursts cooking spray tsp extra virgin olive coconut thoroughly evenly coat inside each cup using convenient crack lock them carefully remove cool minute pop out serve does stick try adding around next time recommended timestimes may vary depending type stove gas stoves cook faster than electric larger require top ranges minutesmedium minutessoft minutesomlette yolk white substitute minutesmakes great foodeasy make soft scrambled mini omelettes benedict

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