OUZIFISH Kitchen Silicone Spoon Rest Heat Resistant Insulation Mat 5 pcs/set Colorful

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Spoon rest sets come with large size big enough put kitchen utensil other gadget

Kitchen utensils gadget table cutlery lay down spoon brush keep stove top counter clean

Made food grade silicone heat resistant non-toxic bpa durable flexible

Withstand high temperature deg put cooking utensils even just took out hot pan

Dishwasher safer hand-wash recommended extend product life

Flexible reusable multi-fuctional thermal insulation non-slip waterproof used eat mat pot holder auxiliary tool home good parts necessary silicone spoon rest perfect bake ware kitchen gadget keep table counter clean make food grade co-friendly bpa non-toxic safe human body heat resistant temperature rang centigrade ovens microwave dishwashers freezers non-stick durable anti-dust abnormal odour tastless easy this excellent addition basics useful will stove countertops other idea bbq lay down brush fork baking spatula painting drawing many care washing instruction wash with warm soapy water before first don't abrasive soap scouring pad hand-wash recommend point directly fire pull impact violently scratch sharp things sudden change must exceed while being