Maykke Atticus Toothpaste Holder | Grey Brush Holder for Bathroom & Kitchen | Serving Spoon & Utensil Rest for Countertop, Dining Table | Concrete Grey, YOA1130301

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Toothbrush holder bathroom dish brush kitchen spoon utensil rest stove countertop dining table

Surface molded smooth yet maintains texture while durable construction withstands heavy

Concrete material upscales bathroom with modern ambiance minimalist grey design features rounded edges bold shapes flat planes

Dimensions width depth height

Complete look with rest atticus series countertop accessory essentials sold separately toothbrush stand holder toothpaste rectangle soap dish round oval dispenser pump box lid display plate small

Atticus countertop accessory collection concrete initiates bathroom leading contemporary design trend material smooth texture bold shapes flat planes characterize with sense urban sophistication visual aesthetic this matches utility embodies industrial feel-this impression rings true quality construction which crafted withstand heavy usage type stone proves highly water-absorbent key benefit toothbrush stand holder toothpaste are designed catch drips rectangular round oval soap dishes feature drainage holes grooves keep dry counter mess-free tissue box dispensers include wood-grain textured lids dispenser lid includes black complement neutral tone display plates highlight hold daily essentials


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