Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Hot Handle Holder - 10.25” Cast Iron Frying Pan with Silicone Hot Handle Holder (BLACK).

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Rdquo cast iron skillet silicone handle holder lodge continues tradition quality american products with seasoned skillets accessories these high hang tough professional kitchens campsites

Seasoned cast iron cookware good seasoning makes difference lodge seasons with vegetable oil synthetic coatings chemicals more better will get

Silicone hot handle holder black great piece cast iron cookware gets everywhere keep hands safe style protects heat deg dishwasher

Made usa lodge has been making cast iron pans south pittsburg tennessee pop since with over years experience known high quality designs lifetime durability cooking versatility

Family-owned lodge more than just business rsquo family founded company still own today environmental responsibility community development heads hearts rooted america

Over years lodge has been dedicated manufacturing quality cookware passed down generation next summertime campouts sunday night dinners happy home table seasoned cast iron skillet tempered glass lidthis lid keeps flavor moisture while still creating crisp delicious texture love try out breakfast tender golden potatoes savory chunks corned beef runny yolk eggs seriously sharp cheddar what more want cooking caring setcaring doesn have complicated comes already ready make family's favorite recipes right away any heat source stove campfire just microwave sear some fresh atlantic salmon family-style apple cobbler better seasoning will get after hand washing simply place burner few minutes dry then rub thin layer oil choice extra messy situations simmer water pan scraper cooled excellent maintenance prevent rust always promptly store cool allows easy clean dishwasher safe withstand temperatures oven allowing freedom flexibility efficiency call lightweight design peeking without losing need keep steam grill with big


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