Lebice BoddyGift Popsicle Molds Ice Cream Mold | BPA FREE Frozen Pop Maker | Silicone Lids for Homemade pops on sticks | Kids Popsicle holder | best way for Healthy cheap ice pops in your freezer

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Innovative lebice popsicle molds set this high-quality plastic comes with three usual gifts collapsible funnel avoid mess special brush clean product perfectly frozen treats recipes e-book even more convenience have added silicone lids disposable sticks fit them after freezing enjoy outdoors leave lid sink

Practical fun easy have invested lot thought ensuring freeze pop molds are suitable adults kids alike settled perfect size tray their handles thanks lids' no-click closing system popsicles remove top with our new silicone lids technique now way enjoy without being left lid hand great parties friends

Maximum cleanliness beginning end preparation prevent spilling foldable funnel used preparing popsicles molds stand steadily tray handles these six popsicle holders have drip will help keep kids clean those sticky fingers cleaning ice pop holder silicone lids are dishwasher safe cleaned hand easily using custom-sized brush

Bpa-free fda-approved because health our main concern this feature helps reduce waste with eco-friendly reusable design used over again make all-natural frozen goodies such juice yogurt fruit anything find inspiration e-book will receive

Lifetime guarantee with unbeatable customer service ever experience problem our popsicle maker will replace completely new set don't love this product return any time no-hassle refund no-risk simply add cart now you'll have homemade popsicles freezer

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