Lamson Original HotSpot Pot Holder, 7" x 7", Clear, Silicone

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The Original HotSpot Potholder is constructed of the highest quality FDA kitchen approved, medical grade silicone and it is BPA free
This versatile tool can be used a pot holder, trivet, jar opener, garlic peeler and a coaster
The Original HotSpot Potholder is slip and skid resistant and can be used under mixing boards and cutting boards to keep them from sliding during use
The super flexible silicone is easy to store or hang utilizing the corner hanging hole
The HotSpot measures 7" x 7" and is dishwasher safe
Functions as pot holder, trivet, anti-slip pad for mixing bowls, jar opener, garlic peeler
Measures 7 inches square
Constructed of flexible, slip-resistant silicone
Heat-resistant to 675 degrees F

Lamson cutlery, kitchen tools and trade tools are still handcrafted in Massachusetts by American workers. We are proud to say that after 179 years, Lamson still produces the finest cutlery, kitchen tools and trade tools made in America that aim at nothing short of perfection. Lamson was established in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts in 1837. As one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in the United States, Lamson has been the choice of home and professional cooks as well as US Presidents for the last 179 years because of its high standard of craftsmanship. These traditions are true today not only in our cutlery and kitchen tools but in our barbeque equipment, TreeSpirit (Handcrafted North American Hardwood Kitchen Utensils and Wood Care Products) and HotSpot ( Professional Grade Silicone Potholders, Trivets, HotHandles) products.This silicone pot holder lifts hot pots off the stove or casserole dishes from the oven without fear of burning fingers or dropping cookware. This pot holder also serves as a smaller trivet to keep Formica or Corian countertops from melting, blistering, or scratching; prevents smaller mixing bowls and cutting boards from sliding during use; and functions as a jar opener and garlic peeler. Measuring 7 inches square, this pot holder has a patterned silicone surface that firmly grips pot handles or jar lids even when wet and is heat-resistant to 675 degrees Fahrenheit. This pot holder is flexible enough to roll up and store compactly in a drawer or has a hole in one corner to hang from a hook. This product comes in a rainbow of different colors and is dishwasher-safe.

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