Kitchen Utensils with Holder 7 Pc Cute Utensil Set - Colorful Handles, Stainless Steel Core and Large Nylon Heads By RSG

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Extra large long bigger than most utensils our customers told size does matter these premium heavy duty tools have larger heads deeper bowls longer handles mean greater control easy are great housewarming gift

Favorite essentials included this set safe with nonstick cookware spatula solid turner slotted spoon serving spaghetti server soup ladle kitchen utensils holder measurements description below

Colorful sturdy bring excitement kitchen with our cute multicolor pink green aqua blue orange yellow handles sleek stainless steel core completed modern convenient black holder stand

Save countertop space easy access takes almost counter most other kitchen cooking supplies don't include saving holder

Ergonomic grips feel quality our uniquie design provides resting place thumb which makes serving easier fda grade bpa dishwasher safe heat resistant

Brighten kitchen style rsg essentials piece utensil set holder starts with ergonomic brightly multicolor handles which are sure sturdy well made high-grade stainless steel core durable last nylon heads heat resistant fda grade bpa dishwasher safe beautiful design long making easy reach deep pots clean either quick hand-wash larger everything would expect gourmet included purchase inches slotted turner spoon serving soup ladle spaghetti server spatula add touch embellish our coloredl aesthetic trend-forward colors will stylized every countertop cool utensils make perfect gift compatable nonstick cookware want more colorful unique cute crowd pleaser you'll love how they look unlike typical supplies competitors provides starter most commonly used sleek keep tidy stand out pink green blue aqua purple orange red click carrt button top get