Kitchen Sink Organizer Sink Caddy for Kitchen Organization - Kitchen Sponge and Brush Holder and Organizer

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Sink Caddy with Strainer Bottom: This feature allows residual water to drain away. It ensures there's plenty of air flow so any excess moisture can evaporate. A dryer environment helps tools stay cleaner and protects the counter top from potential water damage.
Durable Plastic and Rubber Construction for Kitchen Organization: These materials are water-resistant, so they'll withstand frequent use in high-moisture environments, like next to the basin. They also resist marking and damage when bumped with dishes and tools.
Kitchen Sink Organizer with Adjustable Panel: Dishwashing essentials come in all different shapes and sizes. This soap and sponge holder features an adjustable panel to accommodate a wide range of accessories and keep them in place.
Non-slip Bottom: Even when counters get splashed and soapy, the stay-put base of this kitchen sink caddy won't slide around.
Removable Base: When its time for a more thorough scrubbing, the sink organizer has a base that detaches for easy cleaning. It eliminates hard-to-reach corners to prevent build-up of crust and slime.

The kitchen sink caddy organizer is a simple way to optimize counter space. It provides a spot for all the typical dishwashing essentials, including scrubbers, scouring pads, and dishwashing liquid. This item is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep their tools close at hand while cleaning their kitchen essentials.Organize Cleaning GadgetsGetting any job done right often requires a specific gadget. Non-abrasive scrubbers work best on non-stick cooking gear, steel wool is a must-have for tackling goo in the oven, and so forth. This kitchen sink caddy organizer is a good choice for keeping all those specialized tools fresh and ready to use. Measuring 7"L x 5"W x 6"H, its just the right size for some of the most commonly used gadgets.Sloped SidesSince the sides of this sink organizer have a gentle curve, it allows convenient access and storage for tools of all heights. Long-handled scrubbers can go towards the rear, while shorter items are easy to reach in the front section.Sink Organizer Suitable for Use in Other Parts of the HomeThe sink caddy is just right for stowing cleaning tools in bathtubs, near laundry sinks, and more. Stash stain remover, blotting pads, and soft bristled scrubbers next to a laundry sink, or shampoo, loofahs, and bar soap in the tub. Beyond the kitchen, this kitchen sink organizer offers a range of applications throughout the home.

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