Gift Idea! Unique Grain Olive Wood Handmade Utensil Set and Holder Including: Utensil Holder, Spoon, Fork, 2 Spatulas, Ladle

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Hand carved utensil holder tools spoon fork spatulas ladle

Light wipe with olive oil restore wood original luster

Made out mediterranean olive wood

Care light wipe with olive oil restore wood original luster put dish washer hand wash only

Approx dimension tools length

Olive wood kitchen utensils holder including tools utensil spoon fork spatulas ladle wooden truly unique hand-carved with five this particular set are carved solid beautiful adding collection handmade kitchenware makes exquisite gift these pieces made piece durable dense older trees longer produce fruits grains each item has been aged treated oil never using bleach dyes chemicals please note due being handcrafted grain might slightly different art approx dimensions length inches height diameter depth weight

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