FURINNO 5 Piece Dapur Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set with Holder, Natural

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Items included corner mixing spoon slotted spatula turner serving utensil holder

Durable bamboo stronger than wood will scratch non-stick surface

Safe cooking hot temperature bamboo handles will hurt fingers

Natural manufactured bamboo fast growing resources leaving low water carbon footprints

Each utensil dimension inches holder

Furinno dapur bamboo kitchen series natural fit nature's finest this whole made fast growing resource leaves low water carbon footprints simple attitude towards lifestyle reflected directly design products creating trend simply nature matter want set finely tuned cooking utensil carefully crafted cutting board some storage gadgets organize assortment needs budget utensils are durable safe adding new replacing old ones always find suitable comes with holder store all stronger than wooden non-stick surface handles will hurt fingers metal putting hot temperature they very easy maintain just wash clean leave them ventilated area please dishwasher because may damage product

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