ESYLIFE Kitchen Dish Drainer Drying Rack with Drip Tray and Full-Mesh Silverware Storage Basket, Black

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Fits medium kitchen sinks sink very large dish drainer would probably get lost with slots hold dishes more depended size warm notice fit dishwasher don't throw sharp items basket squeeze otherwise break coated

Upgraded metal silverware basket full mesh design make utensils stay well slip out any more let dish drainer rack fits kitchen sink cupboard

Including plastic water tray let just sit kitchen sink counter-top both dish drying rack utensils holder have been thicken durable sturdy enough

Coated metal wire cushions scratch protects dishes sinks effectively antimicrobial stylish elegant streamline design

Year warranty size measure dish drying rack inch width depth height drip tray

Warm tips received some customers negative reviews said dish rack easy rust found same reason cause issue happened thick surface plastic powder coated broken incorrect here have avoid let longer clean with soft cloth need brush throw silverware sharp side utensils basket point though items protective will bit even main peeled off quickly put dishwasher sorry tell safe any kind made stainless steel would soon squeeze kitchen sink really match don suggest forcibly may appear work well days damaged squeezing long very just few month year warranty