Easy Removal Metal Ice Trays with Handle - Stainless Steel Ice Cube Maker and Tray, 18 Slot Mold - BPA-Free, Food-Grade Freezer Molds for Baby Food, Juice, Popsicles, Alcoholic Drinks

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Vintage design modern technology just because don rsquo have fancy automated ice maker doesn mean live with frustration anyone who manually makes their familiar know struggle waiting forever water freeze then trying manhandle out flimsy tray icenator refreshingly cold drinks quickly effortlessly

Easy-release mechanism this two-piece ice freezer tray with lever comes separator sits create individual molds once water has frozen simple pull iced cubes release need bending pushing maneuver out their slots each cube perfectly without ruining integrity maker

Quicker freezing slower melting comprised stainless steel opting icenator over silicone plastic ice cube racks means more efficient process gets much colder faster than other materials escalates speed which water freezes furthermore retains cold temperature longer periods time leave these trays out without quickly would otherwise

Eco-friendly user-friendly dishwasher-friendly because our ice tray holders don rsquo require electricity aren made environmentally-hazardous material utilizing them contributes helping preserve mother earth compact stackable easy-fill these makers are great mini fridges dorm rooms parties mancaves any refrigerator freezer without automated machine between uses throw dishwasher easy clean

Make more than just ice icenator doesn rsquo cubes this multifunctional holder create variety delicious molds every occasion them baby toddler food ideal teething babies on-the-go want staying cold longer periods time freeze juice fruit add favorite summer beverages alcoholic drinks with many fun things cube tray handle kitchenware accessory must

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