Coffee Dripper Stainless Steel - Reusable Permanent Pour Over Filter Cone and Brewer - Drip Coffee Maker - Double Layer Mesh Filter and Coffee Scoop with Bag Clip - Large Single Serve Cup (4cup)

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New dual filter technology ndash voplop dripper features high quality stainless steel with filtration fine high-quality mesh inside laser-cut outside this design prevents any grounds getting coffee while allowing oils nutrients pass cup ensuring better tasting single large

Perfectly clear flavorful coffee clever cone dripper allows complete control during brewing process choose preferred amount grounds direct flow boiling water evenly over them extract all flavor perfect cup every time

Easy clean you're finished brewing compost grounds rinse thoroughly with warm water put dishwasher

Get bonus stainless steal holder coffee scoop allows measure out perfect amount every time seal bag with clip keeping crafts beans fresh

Reusable more paper filters using stainless steel set permanent maker brewer canister drip eliminates need allowing full flavor essential oils coffee pass personal small stand metal cup enjoyment

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