Chefast Splatter Screen Set: 13-Inch Stainless Steel Grease Guard, Grill and Cooking Pan Scrapers, and Silicone Hot Handle Holder - Oil Shield for Frying Pans and Skillets

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Ultra-fine quality unbeatable price put end annoying potentially painful oil splash with this heavy duty stainless steel splatter screen chefast -inch size makes perfect large pots cast iron skillets frying pans without lids plus tpr handle gives element convenience protects hands burns

Perfect set this combo kit includes silicone hot handle holder two scrapers ndash cooking pans grill means hang skillet despite heat while make clean-up snap

Premium materials only our grease splatter cover pan scrapers silicone handle holder are all made durable will last long skillets plus each item dishwasher safe otherwise breeze clean making this combo kitchen should without

Much more than just splatter guard thanks ergonomic resting feet easily keep surface clean placing screen countertops extra fine mesh keeping family safe hot oil this metal shield act cooling rack veggie steamer even pasta strainer

Satisfaction back our unique set with one-year warranty -day money-back guarantee anything goes wrong brand-new product full refund just few clicks away make kitchen safer cleaner place handle those grill frying pans ease get this handy combo kit today


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