Avryware Ultimate Essential Accessory Starter Kit for Instant Pot (Black)

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Perfect silicone starter kit instant pots contains everything hustled place pot pressure cooker easy cooking whether newbie experienced owner rsquo unbundle utilize every item this set

Versatile kit instant pots features silicone suction lid exclusively designed fit -quart pot inner pair heat resistant finger mini mitts effortless removing holder trivet mat sit hot after pulling main unit meal ready used non-slip grabber

Convenient longer have burn yourself handling hot instant pot waste time looking rag carry our heat resistant mini mittens are perfect gripping inner while saut eacute ing removing cooking done finger help serve family conveniently leftovers stored fridge freezer simply covering with lid placing refrigerator

Inimitable lid seal silicone keeps food warm fresh upon removal instant pot acts barrier prevents bugs flies getting allowing cool

Easy clean amp store simply wash with mild soap water place dishwasher smooth surface decreases chances food sticking lid mitts pot holder mat what rsquo more kit doesn't take much room they are easily stackable have small hole top hanging hook instant registered trademark owned double insight inc which avryware affiliated endorsed