9 inch Tempered Glass Lid Accessory for Instant Pot 5 and 6 Quart Pressure Cooker, Universal Pan Pot Clear Cookware Lid/Cover with Spoon Rest/Holder Knob Handle Design, with Steam Vent Hole

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Premium design- lid handle are made high quality materials will become loose rip off universal spoon holder incorporated right keep counters clean

Transparent glass- see inside without removing lid it's perfect turning pressure cooker slow need different appliance

Safe durable- made tempered glass times stronger will shatter sharp pieces accidentally dropped steam vent added top allows amount pressure released ability thermometer without removing lid high quality stainless steel rim bpa food

Dependable- dishwasher safe oven

Size- fits instant pot quart lux -in- duo plus ultra smart bluetooth just common pan lid pay attention size before click

Hoople tempered glass lid instant pot quart universal pan cover with spoon rest holder handle design steam vent thermometer slot inch keep food warm without having bulky turn slow cooker prevent splashing splattering used replacement any cooking sturdy will fall off become loose has built keeps counter clean hole top release pressure easily look monitor what inside fits models other pots dishwasher safe


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