7Penn Wick Chafing Dish Fuel 48-Pack with FREE Lid Opener – Food Warming, Heated Cans, Chaffing Burner, Buffet Warmer

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Keep food hot penn wick chafing dish fuel -pack with lid opener ndash warming heated cans chaffing burner buffet warmer keeps safe catering foodservice occasions ounce warms six hours hour burn time sustained temperature

Top quality filled with liquid fuel ounces includes wick sealed oil kerosene lamp which gives long -hour burn time produces steady controlled flame lower sterno gel-type cans last hours

Opener included other fuel cans difficult painful open package includes bonus tool quickly screw off top lid immediate just easily replace store later

Easy simply remove lid with included opener tool place chafing dish holder ignite long match handled lighter finished using slide inverted cap over opening restrict oxygen allow cool before handling reuse until empty has -inch diameter height easily fits standard metal cups under dishes

Package contents includes diethylene glycol chafing fuel cans with opener tools convenience

Amazon ASIN B07CRR1M24

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