Wall-Mounted Magnetic Soap Holder Rack

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Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Soap Dishes & Holders
Price: 17.95 - 22.49 (3 variants)

The Wall-Mounted Magnetic Soap Holder Rack is a great way to keep your soap in order. It's mounted on the wall so that it won't take up any counter space, and it also looks immaculate! The best part about this product is that you can use magnets to hang your soaps from the rack, which makes them easy to grab when they're needed.

  • Eliminate your need for a soap dish and keep your countertops clean with the magnetic soap holder.
  • The soap dries on the rack.
  • No more messy soap on the counter.
  • Easy suction for mirror, tile, glass, or other smooth surfaces.

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Feature: Strong Magnet
    Color: Silver/Black

    Package includes:
    1x Wall-Mounted  Magnetic Soap Holder Rack