The Best Jewelry Dish Trays

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We’re always on the lookout for new organizers, storage hacks, and gifts for women, and over the years we’ve found quite a few elegant jewelry dish trays that we love. Jewelry dishes are some of our favorite affordable gift ideas for women, and they’re a great impulse purchase for yourself if your dresser or nightstand is in desperate need of organization. There are thousands of jewelry dish trays for sale on Amazon, but only a few of them deserve a place of honor in your bedroom.

Your most precious jewelry likely has a deep sentimental value beyond the actual price. Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring, family heirloom or a gift from your beau, your bracelets, rings and necklaces deserve an elegant and chic dish when they’re not being worn. Not only can the best jewelry dishes enhance your bedroom decor, but they’re also extremely practical. Delicate necklaces, earring studs and rings can easily be misplaced, and jewelry organizers, ring stands and decorative dishes help keep these precious items in their proper place.

Below, we’ve gathered our favorite jewelry dishes on Amazon, with options for a variety of styles. We think you’ll find something you love, so keep reading and pick out your favorite.

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What To Consider Before Buying Jewelry Dishes

The most important factor to consider when buying jewelry dishes? Size. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift, you’ll want to carefully measure the nightstand, dresser or shelf where the dish will live. Your new jewelry dish shouldn’t take up too much space, but it shouldn’t be too small either, so you’re looking for that Goldilocks dish that’s “just right” for the space.

Second, consider the right material to fit in with your existing home decor. Most jewelry dishes are made from metal or ceramic, although some contain mixed materials. You’ll want to make sure the product you choose is made out of sturdy materials and that it will blend in with the objects around it.

Some dishes contain open sides or barely curved edges, so if misplaced jewelry is a concern, look for dishes with a steeper rim to keep everything where it belongs. Finally, some jewelry dishes come with a built-in ring holder, which can be a nice touch if you want to keep a special ring in a place of pride.

How We Chose the Best Jewelry Dish Trays

Over the years, our editors and product reviewers have purchased and tested a lot of jewelry organizers, ring holders and dish trays, and we often include these types of products in our gift guides. We’ve selected only our absolute favorites below. In our testing, all of these jewelry dishes are both stylish and long-lasting, and they all provide a great value for the price. To give you a sense of scale, we’ve included a couple of pictures of some of these products so you can see how they will look in your own home.

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