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Advent is here, and it is time to start thinking about this years Christmas decorations. What style to choose, what colours This year I want to try to focus on natural elements and just making my home as cozy as possible in a simple way. Christmas can quickly become a very expensive time of the year, and for me spending lots of money on decorations are not a priority as I much prefer to save that money for fun experiences together. Therefore, using things we find outside or reusing items we already have are a great way to spend less but still get that festive feeling.

So with that in mind, I thought I would start the process by sharing a few inspirational images I found while browsing. The idea is to bring nature inside, and to be more sustainable in using what we find around us. Hope some of these will inspire you too!

Sustainable natural Christmas decor:

^ If you are lucky to have a fireplace mantel, then this idea of creating a DIY garland with natural elements. Find a step by step post on how to re-create the look over on Francois et Moi blog. I also love the use of candles, throws in a basket and cozy slippers on the floor to add to that hygge factor. So pretty dont you think?

^ And if you have no fireplace, this idea of hanging a garland over a door opening is great! Find out how to make it yourself on the Fresh Exchange. Keep it au naturell like here or decorate it with other elements and decor of your choice the key is to make it fit your home and style.

^ This year my plan is to make my own dried orange decorations for the tree, but I also really like this idea from Maiju Saw blog of using them has a hanging garland in the home together with cinnamon sticks and branches. It also brings such a lovely smell to your home You can also use any other kinds of fruit so be creative.

^ Need somewhere to hang your stocking from? Then the idea of using a branch like here is a great way to add another natural element. And the stocking themselves are actually made from linens and cloths how clever to reuse materials! Find out hoe to do it on the Dreamy Whites blog (and the Ikea Tekla dish cloths would be perfect to use for this!)

^ I love this table setting by Ferm Living! It is filled with twinkling treats, ornaments, and candleholders that will spread light through the dark season, and the pine cones makes for the perfect centre piece.

^ These rustic twig Christmas ornaments are simple, inexpensive and they look beautiful too perfect for bringing touches of nature inside this season. Find a step by step on how to DIY on Avenue blog and try for yourself!

^ December is prime time for eating oranges, so why not get use of the peel? Do as seen on This Healthy Table so easy and effective!

^ With a piece of a twig and an empty glass bottle you can easily create a beautiful decorative candleholder like this one from Vienna Wedekind. A minimal candle holder with maximum festiveness!

^ Another way of using oranges and creating a lovely scented centrepiece for your table is to do as seen on Trendenser. Cut out patterns in the orange and add cloves simple.

Want more inspiration? Check my post last year with Nordic style homes decorated for Christmas!