Of Course I Found a Few Useful Things!

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There were more people selling at Needham Market boot sale last Saturday than on many of the Saturdays last year. I went all round but considering the huge amount of 'stuff' I didn't find many things to come home with me. .

 Barbie doll's clothes and the unusual find of a Barbie wheelchair can be ticked off the list. The plate is for the summer display on the bookshelves. (I searched for summer in the box while looking for spring and could only find the Summer Haze Lilliput Lane cottage). There is another Johnson Brothers cereal dish that I use everyday and two small cross stitch kits that can be made to be gifts.

The book is Laurie Lee's Village Christmas - I dithered about this as I'm sure it was borrowed from the library sometime in the last few years but couldn't remember reading it and it's not listed in my 'book of books read' so it's a good thing  it was brought home. Total of £5 spent on these.


There were so many plant stalls  I could have gone crazy! but restricted myself to a Saxifrage and a Red Cactus for the plant stand.


After the stand crashed over last week I moved it back into the corner but it doesn't get enough sun or light there - probably the reason two plants died over winter - I've now potted up the new plants into clay pots and moved it  further out on the patio but tied to the trellis. That should sort it.

I also bought a pot of 3 Hyacinths for standing on Col's Mum and Dad's grave. I took the Christmas wreath thing off several weeks ago. Col's sister has some faded plastic flowers there in the flower holder - which I think look a bit ugly! Might ask BiL to ask his sister if the plastic flowers can come off and I'll put something fresh on regularly now I'm only 3 miles away. I tucked the little wooden remembrance cross with Col's name on it by the headstone so it's a place to remember him now I've moved away from his birthday wood.

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