Diwali, the sparkling festival of lights, is widely celebrated in India

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On this auspicious occasion, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh are worshipped for luck, prosperity and wealth. Many believe that Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and fortune, visits the cleanest and the most well-lit house first. But, why settle for the plain and simple clay diyas? We have some exciting ideas for diya decoration that you and your kids both can make at home. Read on to know more.
Diwali diyas symbolize the dispelling of darkness. They are said to welcome Lakshmi and help illuminate her path into your house. Why not make this even more special by decorating diyas at home? t Light up your house with beautiful diyas this Diwali and add an extra sparkle to your house this season with these easy to implement but beautiful diya decoration ideas!
How to Decorate Diya for Diwali – 9 Best Ideas Diya decoration is one of the most fun and exciting projects to take up during Diwali. Kids and adults both can participate in the activity and make some fabulous homemade diya decorations. However, with so many ideas already out there, how can you ensure you have unique diyas? Well, here are some tips to help you out!
1. Paper Lotus Diya

Things you’ll need
Red-coloured paper White- coloured beads Fevicol Method
Take the red-coloured paper and draw the shape of a lotus flower on it. Cut out the flower. Apply glue along the edges of the flower and stick white beads. Now stick a diya in the centre of the flower. Your paper lotus diya decoration is ready. Keep the flame in the centre of the diya to aprevent any accidents.
2. Glitter Diya

Things you’ll need
Glue Glitter Sparkle glue Brush Method
Give your diyas a more traditional look by adding sparkle to them. Take some glue on a thick brush and spread it evenly on a diya.
Sprinkle glitter powder evenly on the diya before the fevicol glue dries. Allow the diya to dry for some time. Use sparkle glue and make your favourite designs either inside or on the edges of the diya. Light these beautiful diyas after the sparkle glue dries and watch them glitter all night long.low the sparkle glue to dry. This is our pick for a glittering idea on making colourful Diwali diya design.
3. Kundan Diya

Things you’ll need
Mud/ clay diya Acrylic paint Kundan/ coloured stones Glue Method
Apply two coats of acrylic paint on the clay diya . Allow the paint to dry. Now, apply glue along the rim of the diya and stick the stones . These gleaming decorations with kundan will definitely add a special sparkle to your house this Diwali.
4. Waste CDs Diya

Things you’ll need
CDs Hot glue Beads/ rhinestones Method
Start by using a 3-D outliner to make a pattern or design on the track-side of the CD. Using a hot glue gun, stick some rhinestones or beads in decorative patterns. Now place a diya in the centre of the CD– where the an empty space is given. Make different patterns and designs on different CDs and stick small wax/oil lamps on them.
ith tThis latest diya decoration, will add a touch of early 00’s nostalgia in your home technologyHigh-tech this Diwali all set! ThisThis is an especially easy and mess- free homemade diya diwali decoration for kids idea.
5. Painted Flower Diya

Things you’ll need:
Diyas Acrylic colour
Paint four diyas using a preferred acrylic paintof your choice. Arrange thee diyas around one common point to make a flower-like arrangement. Paint more such diyas to make different coloured flower diyas and place them at in the different corners of your house. Go for different shapes to arrange the diyas in to create a beautiful diya decoration. 6. Tea Light Holder

Things you’ll need:
Heatproof glass jar Modelling clay/ shilpkar clay Paint Glitter
Mix the shilpkar clay and create a dish upon which you can place the glass jar. Use some more clay and create patterns and designs on the sides of the jar. Let it set. Paint the clay with your favourite colours and let it dry. Use sparkle glue to create some shimmering patterns on the set clay.
This is a great diya decoration idea for kids because they generally like playing with clay or play-dough. Place the tea lights in the jar and brighten up the room.
7. Tin Can Diya Wall Hanging

Thing’s you’ll need
Tin cans Tea lights Paint Rope
Take the tin cans and poke a hole on the side in each of them. Use paint and decorate the exterior of the tin cans in your favourite designs and colours. Run a rope through the hole and secure one end of it. Create a loop on the second end and hang the tin on the wall with its bottom flat on the wall. Place a tea light in the tin carefully.
This is a great idea for a wall hanging. Use bigger tin cans if you fear fire hazards. You may also go for battery-operated tea lights for this diya decoration at home.
8. Conch Shell Diyas

Things you’ll need
Big-sized conch shells Wax Candlewick
Clean the conch shells and ensure they are completely dry. Melt some wax on a double boiler and pour it into the conch shell. Place the wick inside the shell. Let it set.
These conch shells can also be decorated with paint, beads, kundan, etc. You can also use different colours of wax. Place the conch shells in different arrangements in the house to create beautiful diya decorations this Diwali.
9. Pebble Stone Diya Stand

Things you’ll need
Pebble stones, comparatively large. Hot glue Paint and paintbrushes
Paint the pebble stones in your favourite colours and let them dry. Using hot glue, stick the pebble stones on top of one another to make a stand. Keep the topmost stone flat to hold a diya or tea light. Let it set.
Place these stands in all the dark corners of your house and brighten them up this Diwali. Or create a diya decoration of these stands and place them in the centre of the living room. You can also create a bowl of pebble stones instead of a stand.

These are some simple ideas for diya decoration at home for you to try this Diwali. Don’t forget to involve your kids in this fun activity and create beautiful diyas for your house. If you have already tried some, do tell us about your favourites in the comments section below.

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