Breakaway Experiences (Give An Experience Based Gift!)

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This year surprise them with a unique, exciting Christmas gift they can check off their bucket list. The kind of experience that will take their breath away, put the biggest smile on their face, and provides them with a chance to do something theyve never done before. The kind of experience where theyll proudly say, I did it!.

Experiences are always fun and are a gift theyll always remember. Canadas most exciting experiences and adventures are just a click away at Breakaway Experiences. With so many fun, unique activities out there, Breakaway Experiences selection of unbelievable Canadian experiences offers unique activities that appeal to everyone and their bucket lists.

Having grown to offer over 1000 experiences and working with over 150 experience companies across Canada, Breakaway Experiences has embraced the ever-growing popularity of once-in-a-lifetime and bucket list experiences. You can buy an experience gift that is received instantly, or you can choose the day and time you would like it to arrive in their inboxhmmm, Christmas morning maybe? You can also buy an experience, print it out, place it in a thoughtful card and give it to your loved one or slip it into their Christmas stocking.

The best part of all is that the certificates never expire. If you dont use the certificate within a year and the cost of the experience increases, the certificate holder will only have to pay the difference between the original value and the new price. Plus, if you buy them an experience they arent exactly thrilled with, they can easily exchange the experience and apply the value to another experience that is on their bucket list. I really appreciate this option.

There are so many bucket list experiences you could give this Christmas. Here are a few that stood out to me:

The Chef & The Dish Cook with Chefs Around the World in Your Kitchen

The Chef & The Dish Cooking Class is a kitchen to kitchen culinary experience. Get step-by-step coaching and cooking tips from Chefs for a private, one-to-one cooking class, all live via Skype. Choose from dozens of cooking classes like Paella, Jambalaya, Clam Chowder, Gumbo, Pad Thai, Gyoza, Singaporean Chicken Rice, Massaman Curry, Maki Sushi Rolls, Cashew Chicken and Tom Yum, Baklava, and so much more. A great date night experience!

Introductory Flying Lesson

A flying lesson is the perfect gift idea for people who are tough to buy for. Learning to fly a plane or helicopter will be an experience no one will never forget. Lessons available in Vancouver, Edmonton, Brandon, Toronto and Sudbury.

Stunt Driving Experience (Toronto)

Receive hands-on training from experienced stunt drivers and experience the thrill of making a car do some fun, crazy stunts.

Segway Adventures

How about a fun gift that tests their skills one two wheels as they zip around on a Segway. Segways are easy to ride once you get the hang of it! Segway tours are available in Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Toronto and Niagara and are suitable for almost anyone.

Clue Solving Adventures

Are you ready for an adventure that will have you and your friends and family pulling together to use logic, teamwork and determination to find your way an interactive scavenger hunt style mystery while discovering the history and hidden facts about your city? Available in locations across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

Brewery Tours & Beer Tastings

If you are looking for a unique gift for a friend with a love of all things beer, then look no further than Breakaway Experiences range of beer tasting and brewery experiences in Calgary, Halifax, Kelowna, Kingston, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.

Wine and Distillery Tours

If beer is not the libation that quenches their thirst, Breakaway Experiences Sake tour in Torontos Distillery District, a tour of wineries in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Vancouver or a distillery tour might be the perfect gift in their Christmas stocking.

Look for these and tons of other great experience-based gifts at Breakaway Experiences! You can also follow them on social media to get the latest news and ideas:

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