Akihabara Nagomido manga cafe x Felissimo Cat Division Parlor collaboration café is open meow

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Month-long specialty cafe offers the purrfect dishes and goods for cat lovers in Japan’s capital.

Felissimo’s Cat Division, the “purrveyor” of the best cat-themed and for-cat-use items on the market, is currently partnering with Akihabara Nagomido manga cafe to offer a special collaboration menu and exclusive merchandise from February 18 through March 20. The look of the regular 24-hour manga cafe was strongly influenced by Taisho-era (1912-1926) romanticism in its design, and the collaboration cafe plays on this same theme with its anthropomorphized cat waitress mascot Yoshino-chan, illustrated by artist Arisa Shimoda.

▼ Guests can sit at the communal table or at solo counter seats during their visit.

Upon entry, guests can even take a commemorative photo with Yoshino-chan to remember their visit.

▼ “Yoshino” is a common type of cherry tree, and the cafe is known for its “yaezakura coffee”–yaezakura being another kind of cherry tree.

The limited-time collaboration menu consists of six lovingly crafted dishes that pay homage to our feline friends.

Marlin steak cutlets tray (1,200 yen / US$10.44)

This selection is best for hungry diners who want a well-balanced meal. Look closely and you’ll see the grated daikon in the upper right shaped into a cat!

Cat footprint tiramisu (800 yen)

Oops, looks like someone with paws was walking on the dessert. The plate used in this dish is also available for sale in the merchandise corner.

Hide-and-seek kitty cream mini parfaits (1,000 yen)

Adorable ice-cream-scoop cats are peeking out from the cream. You can choose from the grey tabby (black sesame ice cream), orange tabby (caramel ice cream), or white cat (vanilla ice cream) variations.

Cat-staring-at-fish sodas (700 yen)

When filled with liquid, these glasses give the appearance of an aquarium with a mesmerized feline watching the fish swim by in the background. Each glass contains a dollop of fruit jelly at the bottom as well. You can choose from the morning glow soda (Muscat grape jelly), blue sky soda (pineapple jelly), or evening glow soda (strawberry jelly).

Cafe lattes with cat designs (700 yen)

Which cat will you get? The delivery of each hot beverage is random, but the possibilities include Yoshino-chan, fairytale-inspired cat illustrations, and real pet cats belonging to the cafe staff.

Anmitsu with Yoshino-chan marshmallow (800 yen)

Anmitsu is a Japanese-style sweet made from cubes of agar jelly served with red bean paste and slices of fruit. The combination of the traditional sweet and a marshmallow made in Yoshino-chan’s likeness strike the perfect visual note.

In addition to the menu items, the cafe also offers four featured original merchandise items to celebrate the collaboration in its goods corner.

First up is the chocolate rusk (1,274 yen), which comes packaged in a pretty tin that you can use as a pen holder afterwards.

Second is the dragée candy (864 yen), which also comes in a stylishly cute reusable tin.

Third is the cat sugar (1,188 yen), with one package containing five adorable calico cats in sugar-cube form.

Look closely and you’ll see tiny sakura ornaments made from meringue on a couple of the cats as well. Add a sugar cat to your coffee or tea for a sweetened taste.

Fourth and final on the list are the Yoshino-chan Japanese-style marshmallows (1,598 yen), which are made using frozen egg whites. Nine come in one paper box.

Apart from these featured goods, you’ll also find more cat-themed goods and items for cat-use courtesy of Felissimo’s amazing lineup. A sampling of the merchandise is below.

Finally, it’s good to note that just as with all of the fine artistic products that Felissimo offers, one percent of all sales will go towards cat and dog rescue and fostering efforts. Plan your visit to the Akihabara Nagomido x Felissimo Cat Division Parlor collaboration cafe right meow before it’s too late.

Cafe information
Akihabara Nagomido x Cat Division Parlor / 秋葉原和堂×猫部パーラー
Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda 6-14-2 Sakai Suehiro Building basement level 1
Open: 24 hours a day
The special menu is served from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. (last order for food at 7 p.m.; last order for drinks at 7:30 p.m.)
During busy periods your stay may be limited to 90 minutes.

Source, images: PR Times
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