5 Best Blenders With Glass Jars A Safe, Durable and BPA-Free Alternative to a Regular Blender

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With modern society focusing on healthy living, blenders are becoming ever more popular: theyre excellent tools to make healthy eating easy. Or perhaps you want practical ways to make food for your babies and toddlers. But what type of blender is best? The market is divided into two major groups: blenders with plastic jars and those with glass jars. Over the past few years, the market for plastic jars has boomed. Thats mostly because they cant shatter as glass will do. However, when using one of the best blender with a glass jar products like the ones we showcase below, you have the benefit of BPA-free products. Thats not always the case with plastic units. Glass also doesnt discolor like plastic will and its often smoother on the surface, making it easier to clean.

Is that what you need? Well help you pick the best. Its still challenging to find the right one that will serve you best in the long run, because there are many types of glass jar blenders available. To start with you need one thats powerful enough for what you want to blend and large enough to cater for the number of people youre making a meal or drink for. And when youre done, will it be easy to clean? A dishwasher-safe item is always best, right?

Top 5 Blenders with Glass Jars Review 2020

To answer all the above questions about the items we list below, we asked a few professional chefs to test them in their kitchens. After two weeks of testing all their tips, feedback and concerns were summarized in our reviews. Of course, to help you make the perfect decision for your kitchen we share some background information in our buying guide. For the speedy shoppers, simply use our comparison table to gauge which one is the winner for you.

A blender makes cooking easywell make it easy to pick one.

Image and Rating
Name and Features
Oster Pro 1200 Blender
1. Oster Pro 1200 Blender
Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice

A 1200-Watt blender with 7 speed options, comes as a set with a food processing bowl and a portable cup

Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix
2. Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix
Best Blender for Soup
Best Blender for Soup

This models thermal-resistant jug will withstand all temperature extremes, allowing you to mix everything from ice cream to soup

VAVA Professional Countertop Blender
Best Blender for Ice

A tough blender with an industrial-strength motor: this model will power through even the toughest of ingredients great for ice

Oster Counterforms 7-Speed
4. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender
Best for Green Smoothies
Best for Green Smoothies

With a 48-ounce capacity, you can make smoothies for all the family to enjoy all hassle-free thanks to the anti-jamming function

Decen Smoothie Blender
5. Decen Smoothie Blender
Budget Pick
Budget Pick

With a sleek Titanium-plated design, this 1000-watts 5-speed blender will look great on any kitchen counter and blast through the toughest of ingredients


Oster Pro 1200 Blender Editor's Choice

  • Power:1200
  • Jar capacity:42 oz.
  • Speeds:7
  • Dishwasher-safe:yes
  • Warranty:10 years

Extra features:comes with BPA-free food processing bowl, stainless steel slicing disk & chopping blade, 24 oz. to-go cup


First off we have to mention the user friendliness of this Oster blender glass jar unit. Its so easy for even the most inexperienced to get the perfect blend, thanks to the multiple one touch options. Buttons on the front are clearly labelled and you can simply press the one related to your intended goal. If you do want to be in control, youll love the pulse action.

This blender is high on our list because its strong enough to handle almost anything, even ice. But its strength doesnt mean you can only blend harder food items. This one can be set to the level you need it to work at (and with a max of 1200W its quite impressive), so your final product is exactly what you need. Do you want soup or only a roughly chopped salad? This model does that and everything in between. You can also opt between the bowl or the glass jar as needed. Just note that some parts of the machine are made of plastic. Our team also reported leakages in certain parts, but its not a common problem.

The brand upgraded the design, giving you a larger jug. Now you can cater for your entire family with the quality of Oster to support you.

It blends thoroughly so your smoothies aresmooth. The brand even gives you a smoothie cup to enjoy your drink on the go.

  • Can make different consistencies
  • Large jug caters for entire family
  • User friendly one touch buttons
  • Leaks occasionally
  • Some plastic components

Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix Best Blender for Soup

  • Power:1000 W
  • Jar capacity:56 oz.
  • Speeds:3
  • Dishwasher-safe:yes
  • Warranty:3 years

Extra features:disassemble blades, blade holder & jug for easy cleaning

Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix (1)
Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix (2)
Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix (3)

Braun knows aesthetics matter and this blender with glass jar has quite a unique look. It will complement any kitchens dcor, so its a great gift idea: help others enjoy the healthy life in style as well.

On the solid base component, youll see a line of icons that make it easy to operate your new blender. Our team appreciated the smooth, simple design: Thanks to touch screen type buttons there are no small holes that liquid can run into. It makes the blender easy to clean (and yes, the blending components are easy to clean up too) and more hygienic than some others.

The solid bottom also ensures your unit wont tip over on the kitchen counter.

The range of settings empowers you to make everything from crushed ice to liquid smoothies. Braun added a pulse action feature so you have absolute control over the consistency of your mix.

Our team appreciated the quality metal blades, but note that there are still various plastic components.

The unit is well-sealed so no leakages were reported. The different components also lock together tightly so it doesnt feel flimsy in your hands. If youre a chef, you need to trust your equipment and this appliance impresses in many aspects.

This is one of the best blenders for soup, thanks to the thermal-resistant glass jug.

  • Impressive design
  • Solidly built
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • No additional accessories
  • Power:500 W
  • Jar capacity:51 oz.
  • Speeds:variable & 3 pre-programmed
  • Dishwasher-safe:yes
  • Warranty:not specified

Extra features:1.4HP motor operates at noise levels 10 dB lower than average


In this blender with glass jar by VAVA you experience the benefit of an original approach to blending. The brand positions the blades off center and they operate on six planes. This sucks in the ingredients to ensure optimum blending which results in exceptional, well blended smoothies.

VAVA also tried to solve the challenge of noisy blenders. This units motor is housed inside a sealed component. Although its an industrial strength machine blending your drinks, it happens very quietly. This machine may not have as many pre-programmed options as others on our list, but the three buttons could be all that most home owners need. And for the pros that do want to get it just right, a dial allows ultimate control. That, along with the large jug, makes it a practical solution for home, office or the restaurant industry.

The brand also remembered the small details that make for easier usage, such as the rubber underneath the body. This will keep it in place so you can concentrate on perfecting your recipes. Its one of the lighter units on our list, making it easier to carry around the kitchen and thanks to those rubberized surfaces the lighter machine wont move while turned on or fall over easily.

Many in our test group noted how its an ideal family appliance as its simple enough for youngsters to understand as well, as long as you teach them the safety guidelines.

The one improvement would be a motor with a higher Wattage.

  • Industrial strength motor
  • Easy to operate
  • Light weight compared to others
  • Rubberized feet
  • Lowest wattage on our list

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender Best for Green Smoothies

  • Power:1000 W
  • Jar capacity:48 oz.
  • Speeds:7
  • Dishwasher-safe:yes
  • Warranty:10 years

Extra features:reverse-blending technology to prevent jams, 6-blade design


Heres another user friendly option as this side panel contains buttons with clear labeling. With clear directions our team enjoyed discovering the capabilities of this Oster model. Its even backlit so you can use it early in the morning before your workout without even switching on the light.

Because its so easy to use the average home user wont be intimidated, but professionals will appreciate it as well. Why? Because this one is huge. With such a big glass jug you can cater for people at home, at work or if you need one in a restaurant.

The glass has markings which helps you pour in the right amount of ingredients. It also helps you create your own recipes and youll know how much to put in next time to recreate your masterpiece.

It has all the makings of a high end unit as it can reverse. This will help if the blade gets stuck on one of your ingredients.

Its not the most powerful on our list, but 1000W is still impressive. This power combined with a strong blade makes this unit ready to crush ice for you. We also appreciated the blending method. This one moves forward and back all the time. This doesnt only help to get the blades unstuck, but draws the ingredients down towards the blades. Thats how the brand ensures all the ingredients get blended so your smoothie will have a smooth, consistent texture.

Just note its not the quickest one on the list and the motor runs quite loud.

  • Backlit display
  • Effective blades
  • Large jug
  • Can crush ice
  • Noisy
  • Slower than some others

Decen Smoothie Blender Budget Pick

  • Power:1000 W
  • Jar capacity:51 oz.
  • Speeds:5
  • Dishwasher-safe:yes
  • Warranty:2 years, lifetime service

Extra features:comes with 2 oz. measuring cup, 6-blade Titanium-plated design


Thanks to products like these anyone can enjoy healthier living. This large, powerful unit can be yours at an exceptional price. And a low price tag doesnt mean its low quality, as the long warranty period proves.

Its reasonably easy to use with labelled buttons on the front. Its your quick go to if you want crushed ice or a smoothie. And yes, even the budget pick on our list of best blender with glass jar options offers you a pulse action.

The other buttons are your speed options: five isnt bad, though its not as versatile as some others. But remember, at this price, its still impressive. You can chop and blend harder vegetables & even ice, though you shouldnt assume it will work well with nuts or coconut.

The brands technical consultation service is a nice to have, especially if youre not tech-savvy yourself.

Our team appreciated the lightweight design which prevents fatigue which is especially relevant if youll use your blender a lot and have to store it in a hard-to-reach place, with a lot of lifting and carrying involved.

Best thing about it is that you get such power for a very good price. Just take note that it may leak from time to time. Advice: make sure all components are completely dry before you put it back together, so all silicone gaskets can seal properly.

  • Excellent price
  • Powerful motor
  • Large jug capacity
  • User-friendly operation
  • Limited speed options

Buying Guide

You can see there are many blender options but they all have unique features. Well help you pick what you really need by summarizing important facts about each of these glass blender features. Study our buyers guide and draw up your priority list.
But first well show you why this is one purchase that will be exceptional value for money.

Advantages of having a top-quality blender with a glass jar

Best Blender With Glass JarIf youre still ambivalent between blenders with glass jars and plastic jars, these benefits prove that its a worthwhile investment for your kitchen:

  • A top quality blender will have a strong glass jar that wont shatter when you blend at high speeds.
  • High end units can usually be cleaned in dish washers so clean up time is short and effortless.
  • You wont expose you or your family to dangerous BPAs that are still present in many modern plastic products. Even if a plastic unit is FDA approved, its better to be safe than sorry.
  • Quality units usually have enough power and quality blades so you can blend harder items or make the nut butter you love so much.

Features to consider when choosing a blender with a glass jug

Yes, blenders with glass jars are valuable appliances. But from what weve mentioned you can see the importance of picking the right unit. You dont want yours to shatter when youre preparing a meal. And its also important to align the blenders details with your personal needs, so you dont pay for features youll never use. Heres what you need to consider.


When you switch on that blender with glass pitcher you want to hear the whir of food items being chopped up, not the motor getting stuck. If your favorite smoothie contains hard vegetables such as carrots your blender with a glass jar must be strong enough to cope. For this you need a strong motor (along with quality blades of course) which is why the Oster models with 1000W motors and more are so valued and best for green smoothies.

Jar capacity

Best Blender With Glass JarBigger isnt always better, so consider who youll be making food or smoothies for in future. Some jars can take around 50oz such as the VAVA Professional found above. That makes it easy to cater for your entire family in one go, or prepare smoothies for the week. Of course, this would also be ideal if you need one in a commercial setting such as a restaurant.

However, if this is for single servings and you prefer the taste of freshly made smoothies, a smaller unit is more practical. The added benefit is that you can easily take it along on holiday if you want to continue your health regimen. As we said aboveonly pay for what you know youll use.

Speed settings

Different food items need different levels of speed and power to be chopped up. Making smoothies at top speed all the time isnt wrong, but its unnecessary. Youll only wear out your machine.

Picking a blender with different speed settings is a good investment so you can set it to an appropriate speed. Even better: use ones with intelle-speed motors that will make the adjustments themselves depending on whats inside. Thats the power of modern technology.

Also look for soft start machines. This protects the motor so youll enjoy your blender for even longer.

Ease of cleaning & dishwasher safety

This is an important consideration because maintenance often determines how often youll use an appliance in the kitchen. If you dread the cleaning process afterwards it may deter you from your plan of eating healthy.

With easy cleaning options, your new blender can inspire you to keep at the new diet or lifestyle. Features youll find valuable include:

  • Detachable blades
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Smooth surfaces that only require wipe downs
  • No small openings that can collect grime or mold

What youll be blending

Before you order your blender you must have your plan of action in place: Exactly what do you want to blend?

Blenders are designed for certain tasks, with some specifically made to cope with harder fruits and vegetables.

Important to note: not all of them can handle blending hard items such as nuts. Youll damage your machine if you dont give attention to the specs and guidelines in the user manual.

Also consider blenders with reverse actions if you know youll blend harder items. This often helps to dislodge the contents if something does get stuck. This is so valuable some brands use forward and back movements continuously as can be seen in the Oster Reverse model above.


How much counterspace do you have available at the moment? Once again, you need to make it easy for yourself to use your new blender. If you have to store the blender with a glass jar in the cupboard you may find it tedious to take it out every morning. Investing in a smaller model you can keep next to the kettle at all times is a wise option.

Also think of clearance above the blender and on the sides. If theres enough space so you can add food items, open and pour, youve got yourself a winner. So, assess your kitchen, then start shopping.

Power cord

Here you need to consider two things: practicality and safety.

First off make sure you have a long enough cord so it will easily reach a wall socket in your kitchen setup. Ideally you shouldnt have to move it around: Will it reach from the place of storage on the counter? Yes, you can use additional leads but this will clutter your work area and create safety risks.

That brings us to the second aspect. Some blenders have compartments in which you can store the power cord. This prevents it from getting wet during cleaning and pouring out servings. It also makes it easy to carry around: for instance, if youre serving smoothies outside next to the pool.

Always consider the practical implications of each appliance you add to your kitchen.


A warranty is a sign of quality and when investing the best blender with glass jug you should have high expectations. The high end items such as the Oster Pro 1200 will be covered by a warranty for a decade. Since you may put your blender through some heavy duty days you must be able to trust it will serve you well. Also, if you opt for a higher priced unit, you should have peace of mind that you wont have to spend money on another one for quite a while.


The number one reason people opt for glass is the health aspect: if you dont want to risk having BPA products in your home its best to not use plastic as far as possible. In addition, glass is more hygienic and often easy to clean thanks to a smoother surface. Consumers also appreciate the fact that glass wont discolor over time, which is often the case with plastic.

In an average glass blender, its not ideal to blend hot liquids or items, as the heat will lead to the contents expanding. This will increase the pressure inside the blender with glass jar. When you open the top this pressure will force the contents outside, possibly messing hot liquid over the counter as well as over you. Depending on the temperature this could be very dangerous. However, some blenders actually offer a heating function for making hot soups, and the glass in high-quality blenders, such as the ones youll find in this article, can actually withstand temperature extremes: both cold and hot.

Yes! But your blenders capabilities depend on its power settings and speed. Not all blenders can cope with blending hard nuts. If peanut butter is one of the reasons you need a blender, consider higher end ones with quality motors that produce the necessary power to push the blades through hard objects. The blender must also have a high speed setting as speed aids in this process.

Our Verdict

In our search for the best blender with glass pitcher Oster came out on top. The Pro 1200 is simply unbeatable in terms of power and if youll use yours every day wanting a quick solution to get your smoothie, youll appreciate that motor.

Of course, Braun comes in at a close second with its JB7350 WHS PureMix blender, and if style is part of your priority features, youll adore the unique look as well as easy to maintain exterior. And luckily, its practical too, with the solid base and strong blades.

The VAVA Professional VA-EB018 doesnt disappoint either, and if you love peace and quiet with your morning drink this will be the best glass jar blender for you. The quiet motor wont disturb your tranquil environment. Its also a family-oriented solution thanks to those easy to use buttons. Anyone can enjoy smoothies now if your preferences identify this as the best blender with a glass jar.

Bottoms up!

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