20 Best Online Shops for Japanese Housewares

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When we launched Remodelista 15 years ago, it was almost impossible to source the hauntingly beautiful housewares of Japan. Things have improved dramatically; here are our top 20 online sources for Japanese design (some have brick-and-mortar stores as well).

N.B.: Featured photograph by Matthew Williams for Remodelista, with styling by Alexa Hotz, from Shop Owner Makié Yahagi’s Charm-Filled Loft in SoHo, New York.

Native & Co.

native and co kensington london 0 Above: Native & Co. in Notting Hill, London, offers a wide range of goods from Japan, from Edo Kiriko cut glass to ceramics to brass accessories from Oji Masanori.


kono meimon dripper at kurasu 1 Above: We first came across Kurasu, an online shop stocked with coffee-making essentials by Japanese makers, when we were sourcing the glass carafes used at LA-based cafe Maru Coffee. This 2-person Kono Meimon Dripper is just $8 (the four-person version is $11); we also love the glass Torch Coffee Server (currently sold out).

Nalata Nalata

nalata nalata shop in new york city 2 Above: Nalata Nalata, a shop out of New York City, sells Japanese products for the kitchen, bath, living, and dining rooms.

Tortoise General Store

peter ivy glassware glass bottle 3 Above: We discovered the work of glass artist Peter Ivy via Tortoise General Store, in Venice Beach, a must-visit when you’re next in Los Angeles.


japanese kitchen towel rikumo lilac
japanese kitchen towel rikumo blue
Above: Rikumo in Philadelphia offers a wide range of housewares and office accessories from Japan, including these striped Kitchen Towels ($32 each), available in five colorways.


teapot naotsugu oen london 6 Above: Oen in London is a longtime Remodelista source for Japanese goods; the Tall Black Teapot by Naotsuga Yoshida is $202 (though it’s sold out at the moment).


mjolk store in canada 7 Above: Toronto shop Mjölk sells a variety of Japanese and Scandinavian design across furniture, lighting, and kitchen goods.

Mr. Kitly

brass futagami hooks at mr kitly 8 Above: Mr. Kitly in Australia sells Japanese wares like these brass Futagami Hooks ($55 each for the large diamond- and bean-shaped hooks).


sunata masami shinogi mug cup
sunata masami soup mug stripe makie
Above: Makié in New York sells clothing for women and children as well as Japanese housewares like this Shinogi Mug Cup ($60) and Striped Soup Mug, both by Japanese ceramicist Sunata Masami. (The striped soup mug is currently sold out, but we like the Shinogi Soup Mug, too; $70.)


toiro shop los angeles 11 Above: Toiro, a brick-and-mortar shop in LA that sells donabe alongside Japanese food imports and other Japanese kitchen tools and tableware, has a robust online store for non-Angelenos. (See Shopper’s Diary: Toiro in LA, World’s Best Source for Donabe and More.)


yoshihiko takahasi glass pitcher 12 Above: Sam Hamilton of March, in San Francisco stocks the work of Japanese glass master Yoshihiko Takahashi; beyond beautiful. Shown here is the Tall Glass Pitcher and the Glass Lipped Bowl (each $340).

IFJ Trading

daiyo ceramic candle holder 13 Above: The Daiyo Ceramic Candle Holder is one of the many housewares available at IFJ Japanese Products Trading in Japan.

Anzu New York

coffee pouring pot at anzu in new york 14 Above: Anzu in New York specializes in kitchen and dining goods from Japan. Shown here is the Coffee Pouring Pot by Takashi Horiuchi; it’s $180.


moth chicago store interior 15 Above: Moth in Chicago “features emerging artists from Scandinavia, Finland, and Japan,” says its website. Their online store is stocked with both artful clothing and housewares. See Moth: A Trove of Japanese and Scandinavian Design, in Chicago.

Analogue Life

azmaya hagi series porcelain cup from analogue life 16 [gallery_caption]Above: Analogue Life in Japan ships goods abroad. Shown here is the Hagi Series Porcelain Cup by Azmaya; $18.33.[/gallery_caption].


fine woodcraft sewing box at envelope 17 Above: The Fine Woodcraft Sewing Box by Tatsuya Okano features multi-level compartments for bits and bobs; it’s just one of the Japanese-made wares sold at Tokyo-based Envelope. See our story here: Envelope: An Online Superstore for Japanese Goods.


hagama rice cooker at tenzo 18 Above: Tenzo has a showroom in LA’s Echo Park that is open by appointment. Its website is stocked with Japanese goods, like this Hagama Rice Cooker by Suzuki Co. ($175), as well as products discovered on the founders’ travels abroad.

Umami Mart

umami mart japanese shop in oakland, california 19 Above: A dizzying array of Japanese essentials are available from Umami Mart out of Oakland. For more, see Japanese Style Comes to Oakland.

Ukivo Home

readymade round weekender 20 Above: Kitchen gear like this Japanese Readymade Weekender Round Dutch Oven ($255) is available at Ukiyo Home in Chicago.

Ippin Project

mini dish mamezara at ippin project 21 Above: This Mini Dish Mamezara 5-piece set is $68.50 at NYC-based Ippin Project.

More of our favorite sources for kitchen accessories? Take a shopping trip around the world with us:

N.B. This post is an update; the original story ran on November 7, 2019, and has been updated with new images, products, links, and prices.