117 Times People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away (New Pics)

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Curiosity isn’t a sin, so long as you don’t go poking your nose into spooky dungeons and haunted fortresses without preparation. I firmly believe that curiosity and the bright-eyed search for knowledge are what truly make us human. Many of us are willing to put our ego and pride aside to ask for help when we’re stumped. Even more fortunate still is that the world’s chock full of people willing to lend a helping hand.

That is where the popular ‘What is This Thing’ online community comes in. A subreddit that’s home to nearly 2 million members, r/whatisthisthing helps people identify mysterious artifacts and peculiar-looking items, wherever they might be found. They’ve got a great track record and it sometimes feels like there’s nothing that their collective wisdom can’t figure out. Either that or they’ve got an endless supply of Scrolls of Identification hidden somewhere safe.

Today, we’re featuring the subreddit’s best recent posts. We’re pretty sure that these will awaken your inner sleuth, not your inner sloth. Scroll down, upvote your favorite pics, and let us know in the comments if you’ve got any bizarre unidentified items at home. In the mood for more amateur detective work? Don’t sweat it, Bored Panda has got it covered. You’ll find our previous articles about r/whatisthisthing right over here, here, and here.

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#1 Found This Glass Like Tube “Shell” Washed Up On A Beach In North Carolina, Any Idea What It Is?

Answer: Stingray teeth

Image credits: OpenMagazine8906

#2 What Are These Vest With Liquid Pouches Worn By Olympic Sailors For? Worn By Dutch Sailors Bekkering And Duetz During A Post Race Interview

Answer: They are cooling vests

Image credits: graansmoothie

#3 Real Life Looking Eyeball, Maybe Glass? With 3 Holes On The Metal Piece. Found At A Flea Market

Answer: Its a promotional key ring for a company that makes glass eyes for taxidermy

Image credits: hippie-mom-2901

The subreddit has been steadily gaining fame and helping solve mysteries, simple and serious alike, for over a decade. It was founded way back in September 2010 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Just a couple of years ago, the sub had 1.17 million fans. Getting nearly a million extra members in that time is quite an achievement.

However, it’s very easy to see why the subreddit’s such a big hit online. First of all, the photos pique our curiosity. We’re not know-it-alls, so naturally, we’re a bit intrigued when we see something unfamiliar and can’t wait to expand our minds. 

Secondly, the subreddit’s community is incredibly warm and friendly. They’re always happy to lend a helping hand and assist others with their queries. And finally, it really does look like the sub’s got everything figured out. There are rarely any cases when somebody doesn’t respond with the correct answer.

#4 What Is This Cling Film Type Stuff On Tom Daley’s Arms, And What’s It For?

Answer: Cling filmed ice packs

Image credits: limegreenbunny

#5 Found On A Hike In The Highlands In Scotland. Looks And Feels Handmade, Wooden Handle And Mesh Made Of Wire

Answer: Fire beaters. Used to extinguish small fires

Image credits: SumYungHoe98

#6 My Neighbors Shared An Unsettling Video Of A Woman Holding This Device Up To Their Ring Doorbell. She Walked Up, Held It Directly In Front Of The Camera While It Made A Clicking/Buzzing Noise And Then Left Quickly. Any Ideas Of What It Might Be Or If We Should Be Worried?

Answer: It's a frequency scanner. Often used by car thieves. These can read the codes from that distance and enable thieves to get into your vehicle, disable the security features in the process, and drive away with your car.

Image credits: thedudeabides227

A while back, one of the moderators helping manage r/whatisthisthing told me that there are several reasons why people become amateur online detectives. Part of this is due to the “thrill of the chase” and folks wanting to show off their research skills. While another reason why people help others identify obscure items, they told Bored Panda, is that everything simply looks incredibly interesting and they can’t help but get drawn in.

“Many [people] have unique and obscure knowledge and they like to use it. Get enough of them together and they cover most things,” the moderator explained to Bored Panda that the community has a lot of great experts in their midst.

According to them, it’s very rare indeed for someone to share a photo on r/whatisthisthing and for nobody to know what exactly it might be. They told me at the time that under 10 percent of all cases don’t get solved on the subreddit. Which is a tiny fraction when you consider how large the online group actually is.

“A majority of things are solved within 15 minutes of posting,” the moderator said.

#7 What Are These Strands/Threads Coming Out Of My Crackers?

Answer: This is 100% frayed edges of the conveyors that take the crackers through the sheeting process before being transferred to the oven band.

Image credits: IAMA_KOOK_AMA

#8 Found These Soft Metal Objects While Metal Detecting Under A Pier At Low Tide

Answer: they’re good luck/prayer charms that are tossed in the water on purpose.

Image credits: PastorJames2020

#9 Posts With Nets On Top On Side Of Street In The Netherlands

Answer: these are to help bats orientate themselves, until the trees are larger. Did they recently cut down trees along this road? Bats need to hear reflection of their sound to know where they are going. These things will replace the leaves in that.

Image credits: gng3quionbve4

It’s not all just fun and games, however. Internet users are putting their deductive skills to the test in real-life scenarios as well. The subreddit has an offshoot called Trace an Object that searches for objects linked to child abuse cases, posted by Europol.

“We've had some luck in identifying some things, but there's more yet unsolved and more to come as Europol does release some new information every few months,” the moderator said.

#10 I Know This Isnt Exactly An Object But Was Hoping You Guys Could Still Help Me Out. What Is This Purple Smoke?

Answer: it's a byproduct of burning rubbish with a high iodine content

Image credits: SpriteUnicorn

#11 Variable Stop Sign In Illinois

Answer: These are blinders, typically used so the sign can old be read from a narrow angle. They're also called directional shields. You'll see them on traffic lights a lot more often.

Image credits: iatethecookies

#12 A Small Plastic And Metal Device, Found In The Card Slot Of An ATM

Answer: a Lebanese loop used in atm fraud

Image credits: Conte_Vincero

If you’re planning on joining r/whatisthisthing, there are a few rules that you need to be aware of. Naturally, you’re encouraged to be helpful and civil. What’s more, members are not supposed to joke around: they ought to be serious and to the point.

Meanwhile, if you’re answering someone’s query, you really should add a link so that others can help fact-check things. On the flip side, if you’re the one asking for help, you should reply ‘Solved!’ when the mystery’s been unraveled. Though don’t delete the post once you’ve got the knowledge you sought. Leave it up there for others to find so they can sate their curiosity, too.

#13 Heavy Black Balloon (?) Hanging Under White Net In A Field

Answer: Home made horse fly trap

Image credits: ShiningStand

#14 My House (Built In The Mid 70's) Has One Of These In Almost Every Room. Same Size As A Switch Plate, With Copper Wire Strung To The Eleven Sockets

Answer: The three prong ones were for TV and FM antennas, and the center one was for an antenna rotator, to get better reception.

Image credits: the_never_mind

#15 This Fancy Hotel Has A Shallow Tub With Two Sides. When The Button Is Pressed, One Side Lights Up With A Red Light And Hot Water For About 30 Seconds. Then The Other Side Lights Up With Blue Light And Cold Water And Shuts Off After The Same Amount Of Time

Answer: This is very common in Germany, we call it "Wechselbad". You're supposed to keep your feet in the warm water first and then quickly put them in the cold water (repeat a few times). This is supposed to help with circulation although I'm not sure if there's actually scientific evidence for that. We usually have these in spas and other wellness or health related facilities.

Image credits: kjax016

#16 Old Object With Mirror, Foldable, Can Be Opened And From "Longworth"

Answer: It is a laryngoscope

Image credits: iirxs

#17 What Are These 2 Metal Studs On The Side Of This ATM?

Answer: Pretty sure they put those on there to stop skimming.

Image credits: Gadetron

#18 Two Of These Buildings On A Lot Where New Housing Is Going To Be Built

Answer: Bat house

Image credits: gempir

#19 Just Bought A Lake Home And Found Three Of These In The Water Next To The Pier. Criss-Cross Stack Of Corrugated Pipes Wrapped In Plastic Netting All Weight Down By Bricks

Answer: It is a fish crib. It is a device to give baby fish a place to hide from the big boys. They also make for some good fishing as the lunckers will hang around hoping for a few little ones to come out

Image credits: LardLad00

#20 Found Inside A Musical Instrument, It Is The Size Of A Big Grape But There Aren't Any Holes Big Enough For It To Have Fallen Inside

Answer: They have these in violins. They call them the mouse. It’s just years and years of fluff and detritus. If they get repaired the repairer will put ‘the mouse’ back into the violin for good luck. It could be something like that.

Image credits: ItIsNotBecause

#21 Weird Glass Ball, Suspended By Screws, In A Metal Frame, Bronze Or Gold Colour In Appearance

Answer: It is a Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder. You place a strip of card into one set of grooves in the piece that curves behind the sphere, point the opposite side of the sphere towards the equator, and the sphere will focus the sunlight to burn a track on the card. The card has hours marked, and more the card is burnt, the brighter the sunlight was.

Image credits: Jolly-Challenge-3924

#22 Flying Over An Area Outside Of Tucson We Saw This Hole And It Looks Like It Has Water In It

Answer: Pit mine, the spiral you see is the actual road trucks drive on to transport the materials mined from the bottom to the top.

Image credits: Calrner

#23 Full Tub With Deep Front Half. USA. Listing Calls It A Mailman Tub. Google Results In Rule 34

Answer: a hip bath

Image credits: chapel976

#24 This Object Is Hanging From The Ceiling Of Our Waiting Room At The Hospital. It’s A White Smooth Dome With No Numbers Or Labels Of Any Kind. Anyone Know What This Is For? My Thought Was WiFi Or A Signal Booster

Answer: Signal booster

Image credits: Emotionally_Rich

#25 Found This Buried. It's Flat On One Side, Concaved On The Other And Has A Hole Right Through The Middle

Answer: this is likely to be a prehistoric or Roman quernstone

Image credits: mark727

#26 It’s Upside But Looks To Be A Feeder Or Nester Of Some Sort, Attached To The Top Of The Fence By Previous Owner. What Is This Thing?

Answer: It's for bees, particularly Mason bees

Image credits: descendin9

#27 What Is This Metallic Construction Found In The Middle Of Nowhere In The Swiss Alps? It’s Wrapped With Barbed Wire

Answer: it’s a snow and/or rain gauge

Image credits: c0ndy

#28 Is This Gold Inside My Activated Carbon Undercounter Water Filter?!

Answer: copper-zinc, used in filters to filter heavy metal

Image credits: european_impostor

#29 Part Of Silverware Set. It Has A Corkscrew Tip, But It Is Not Sturdy Enough To Be Used As S Corkscrew. Thoughts For Its Purpose?

Answer: It's a butter pick.

Image credits: Ciecie33

#30 New Bra I Bought Online Has A “Microchip” Inside Of It. Looks Pretty Fake To Me But Can’t Pinpoint What Is It Exactly And Why Such Lengths To Have It Inside The Hems Like This

Answer: New age "healing" stuff, like the magnetic bracelets and such.

Image credits: Ms_Chocolate_Cookie

#31 Random Circular Holes In Concrete Sidewalk. They Appear All Over Town And Have Been There Ever Since The Concrete Was Laid

Answer: Looks like core samples being taken

Image credits: minollow

#32 Blue Nets Tied Between The Trees. Found While Hiking In The Cinque Terre National Park In Italy

Answer: these are nets for catching the fruit from the tree - currently rolled up because there is no fruit. They were spread out to cover the area beneath the trees when I was there in late summer.

Image credits: WemiGod

#33 Witt Found In Older Tool Box (At Least 10 Years Old). Part With Spokes Rotates, Spokes (Of Different Diameters) Match Up To Hole In The Oposite Side Of The Tool. Sharpie Marker For Size

Answer: It is for punching holes in leather or similar things. Like, for a belt

Image credits: MamaBearsApron

#34 What Are These Small White Balls That Keep Appearing In The Corner Of My Window?

Answer: Styrofoam, but if you cut it in half, you should be able to determine if it's a spider egg or Styrofoam pretty easily

Image credits: floorlight

#35 Banana Sized And Shaped Old Tool(?) Found In Old Barn In Sweden. Wooden Handle With Rusty Metal Tip

Answer: A seed dibber

Image credits: Kesomannen34

#36 What Is This Bubbling Out Of The Ground In My Yard? Purplish Metallic Gooey Inside. Keeps Bubbling Even If I Dig A Thin Layer Down With A Shovel

Answer: expanding foam

Image credits: ckal9

#37 What Is This Pink "Dust" That Keeps Reappearing In The Corners Of My Kitchen Ceiling Within A Few Hours Of Being Cleaned?

Answer: grain mites

Image credits: is_this_a_reddit

#38 What Is This Pot Inside Of The Fireplace Of The Apartment I Am Renting In Italy?

Answer: Looks like a bed warmer. You put hot coals/embers in it and move it over your sheets (like an iron) to warm the bed up.

Image credits: aroyalsnake

#39 Plastic And Hollow, Size Of A Big Suv, The Tide Never Reach It, Attached To The Ground

Answer: Large Ship bumper/fender. The are Used to keep huge ships from smashing in the pier.

Image credits: severance8

#40 Plastic Box Attached To Some Of The Railings In An Nfl Stadium

Answer: An enclosure for a WiFi antenna.

Image credits: godcostume

#41 Any Ideas What Someone Left At My House Party? Small Green Ridged Brick, Hole In The Middle, Crumbles When I Scratch It

Answer: rat/rodent poison.

Image credits: isleptitaway

#42 What Is This Random Set Of Stairs With A Platform? It’s Located At The Entrance To A Local Forest With Walking Trails

Answer: This is for horse mounting.

Image credits: ky-ta

#43 Found This Digging Around The Mouth Of A Major Caribbean Harbor (On My Property). Did This Come Out Of A Cannon?

Answer: 100% a cannonball

Image credits: evanslusher

#44 Opened Up An Old Motor I Acquired At A Garage Sale, Took This Part Off The Top And There’s A Sponge And Some Wires Inside. Why Is There A Sponge Inside?

Answer: The cover is for the start or run capacitor, foam is probably just to stop it from rattling

Image credits: i-speak-arbitrarily

#45 Found This In A Random Box Of Kitchen Supplies. Is This Just For Carving Meat Or Some Other Food?

Answer: It's to slice bread

Image credits: dahlia_army

#46 This Little Plastic Basket/Holder Inside The Far Corner Of A Trolley. The Rivets Suggests It's For Something Oddly Specific. Asked The Supermarket Staff, They Had No Idea

Answer: It's a Bitz Box (ClipOn storage solution)

Image credits: geimryk

#47 What Is This Plastic Green Bumpy Thing? (Seen On Construction Site Building Tramlines)

Answer: Used for cabinets with underground installation by the looks

Image credits: Snakatorium

#48 My Metals Professor In College Does Not Know What This Thing Is. We Dont Either And He Has Multiple Of Different Sizes. The Box Has No Info Besides What Is Shown In The Photo. It Is Some Kind Of Ceramic Material With An Inverted Dome In The Center. Any Help?

Answer: It is a slate dish for grinding flux. Back in the day, you put a little water in it and rubbed a borax cone in it to make up the day’s flux.

Image credits: thesnowyone1

#49 What Is This S-Shaped Metal Ornament On This House?

Answer: Anchor plate or wall washer. It’s meant to keep masonry in place. And made esthetic because they are visible. There a bolt going on the other side, in the center. And hold the bricks in place

Image credits: cerrosafe

#50 Found In Storage At The Post Office. Accordion Style Metal Contraption

Answer: Rv septic hose holder. Allows to hose to rest on it and gravity to pull the poo out of the black water tank

Image credits: Shawnypups

#51 Witt Lantern With 4 Sides Of Differently Coloured Glass. Green Red White And Blue. Might Have Been Used At A Railroad Station

Answer: It is, the colors correspond to different actions. White/clear is to stop another train, blue is for marking equipment not to be moved, green is proceed with caution and red is stop

Image credits: theproblemdoctor

#52 Metal, Plastic, And Canvas-Looking Fabric Clips. They Are A Few Inches Long And Some Say Flatex

Answer: the things attached to a garter belt to hold up stockings

Image credits: Puppyluv4lyfe

#53 I Found These Purple And White (Medical?) Things In The Center Console Of A Rental From Enterprise, I Also Found About 6 Dollars Cash So I Know It Wasn't Cleaned Properly, What Are They?

Answer: Those are BD brand lancets for pricking fingers, for checking blood glucose

Image credits: Crimson-king

#54 These Husks Maybe Meant For Smoking? Left Behind At A House A Bought By An East African Man Along With A Bunch Of BBQ Supplies

Answer: hyphaene It can be chewed or boiled and then strained and drink. Should have a sweet taste.

Image credits: stinkyelbows

#55 Trunk Full Of Chemicals In 1920's Home, What Is It/For?

Answer: It says "International Correspondence Schools" which still exists. Probably a course on chemicals? Now, be careful. Chemical regulations in the 20's were not the same as now. Based on your pictures, you could have nasty toxic chemicals that can go through a glove and kill you (the mercury vial), explosive degradation products (ammonium) and other surprises like that. Earth near from them could be contaminated too. I suggest you do not linger near from them. Perhaps you can arrange a meeting with a university chemical lab and know more about the set, including safe disposal options.

Image credits: Duckinhumansuit

#56 In The Middle Of The Wall In My 1906 House; There Is Also One On The Other Side Of The Wall And One In A Different Room Without A Buddy In The Other Side Of The Wall

Answer: It's a capped off gas line from when they used gas lighting.

Image credits: theMstates

#57 Seen Yesterday In Columbus, Oh; Seems Fragile To Leave Uncovered On A Truck

Answer: Pipe pigs. For inspecting pipelines.

Image credits: Dr_Beverly_R_Stang

#58 Found In Our New House On The Top Landing Bannister Rail. Seems Like It’s Meant To Hold Something But Not Sure What It Is?

Answer: Appears to be a 3M Command hair dryer holder

Image credits: Minute-Mode6727

#59 Mysterious Vial With Amber Fluid Found Inside Grocery Store. Small As A Pill?

Answer: Fire suppressant sprinkler fuse

Image credits: Darklingx13457

#60 These Strange Dust Patterns Keep Showing Up On Screens Of My Apartment Windows

Answer: Previous tenant smoked w a fan in the window. I’ve seen this so many times turning over apartments for work.

Image credits: throw_me_away1993

#61 Found At A Farm House, The Arm Swivels And The Drum Spins

Answer: For making butter.

Image credits: doodlebug001

#62 This Was In My Bandaid Wrapper Instead Of A Bandaid. Almost Rubbery. Solid Construction, Not Sticky, Same On Opposite Side

Answer: This is a Mylar overlay used for quality control. You place it over a cut adhesive and use a Calliper to measure the max differential in length and width.

Image credits: klokwerkz

#63 What Is This Thing On The Bar Counter At Work? It Is Made Of Metal And Hollow

Answer: It's an old fashioned countertop bottle opener, I've seen loads of these in old pubs. The bottles are opened from the other side.

Image credits: FyraTjugo

#64 What Is This Pool In The Middle Of Nowhere

Answer: a water reserve for fire fighting

Image credits: ERENSAVAGE

#65 Removable Stair Shelves In Older Home On Second Staircase (Seen On Zillow). What’s The Purpose?

Answer: often these small second staircases lead into the kitchen and the shelves are used to "convert" the staircase into a pantry because some people find it more convenient to have a pantry than a second staircase.

Image credits: Scrubsandbones

#66 Stainless Steel Curved Rods. Largest Is About 9 Inches. They Have Been In Family Since The 40s They All Fit Inside Of One Another. Best Guess So Far Is Glove Finger Stretchers

Answer: Nested set of seven plated medical cervical dilators

Image credits: Pj35az

#67 Found In A Thrift Store - Glass Object, Plugs In, Several Openings With A Central Tube

Answer: It’s an old subwoofer for a computer, Apple used to sell a version back in the day

Image credits: macjimmy23

#68 Two Flat Metal Round Disks With Long Stem Attached By Hinges. No Markings. Found In A New Kitchen

Answer: its a flame snuffer

Image credits: nowgetbacktowork

#69 What Is This Weird Net Of Cables And Weights On The Building?

Answer: It's a wire trellis system for a living wall. The weights at the bottom keep the wires taut

Image credits: grimskin

#70 What Is This Ferrous Metal Sphere With A Cutout? There Were About 100 At A Scrap Yard

Answer: Laser Tracker Ball

Image credits: ExplodingHypergol

#71 Ammunition With A Weird Shiny Tip, Could Be 30mm? Worried If Inert Or Not. Found On Glacier In Swiss

Answer: Artillery expert here What you have there is a projectile from the 35x228mm Oerlikon Flab Kan 63/90 (Same gun that is on the Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard). From the fact it has an aluminium dummy fuze (the large cutouts make it obvious there is not enough space for the fuze mechanism) and it looked like it was painted bluish-grey, that makes it an "Übungsgranate" - a Target Practice shot. Be advised that doesn't mean it's inert, because even a TP shot can have active pyrotechnic devices like tracers and I can't see the bottom of it. My advice, is, as always, call EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal, AKA the "bomb squad") and they'll sort it for you, because you don't do demining over the internet.

Image credits: Venhomous

#72 A Very Light Glass Tube With A Hole At The Top And A Thinner, Upwards Bending Tube Coming Out From One Side. Found In My Grandpa‘S Attic In Switzerland

Answer: Looks to me like an old time asthma inhaler

Image credits: Laurasiaa

#73 Metal Wheel On The Back Of A Vanity

Answer: They are to connect a mirror to the back. I would imagine there are holes threw the top directly above them.

Image credits: zenmeta4

#74 What Are These Odd Train Cars?

Answer: Those are called “wedge plows” Pushed from behind by a locomotive to clear snow. The hydraulic “wings” on the side can be extended to increase the lateral amount of snow being cleared, depending on snow depth. Looks like that one was built in 1948. I know they’ve been in continual service in Canada for 120+ years.

Image credits: BurningMeta

#75 What Is This Thing? It's Soft And Squishy And About 3/4 Of An Inch Long. I Found About A Dozen Of Them

Answer: I’ve found these buried in my grass before. After asking my buddy who is a Gardner/landscaper, they are a form of fungus. Look up Stinkhorn fungus Put them back, wait for a cool morning and be amazed at what they become. They have a very weird smell that can sometimes be pleasant and sometimes smell rancid.

Image credits: dynasoreshicken

#76 A White Cubicle With A Black Glass Screen And A Control Panel On Top

Answer: Portable steam room.

Image credits: SloppyChops

#77 Witt In Front Of This Door? Friend Posted It On Fb And No One Is Sure Yet. Broad Ripple, Indiana

Answer: A dam for flood waters.

Image credits: Squirmble

#78 What Is This Thing Hanging Outside My Fireplace. It Seems To Have Gears Inside Of It, And Pivots Into The Fireplace

Answer: it's a clockwork spit turner for turning a roast or other meat automatically.

Image credits: burnout641

#79 Found This “Key” On The Ground At Work (Hospital). Doesn’t Match Any That We’re Given. Thin Metal, With A Small Slit In The Top

Answer: "Jiggler key" . meant to jiggle locks open.

Image credits: NewfieJedi

#80 This Thing Is Made Of Terracotta And Has Sunflowers On Each End

Answer: That’s a taco holder.

Image credits: Morcalvin

#81 We Got This From An Elderly Friend, Who Claims It's Something For Your Hands

Answer: Device for ergotherapy.

Image credits: XF_IOX

#82 Green Build Up In Water Boiler

Lime deposit, consisting mainly of calcium carbonate. It often builds up inside kettles, boilers, and pipework.

Image credits: Gnocci17

#83 Found In Family Members Workshop, Appears To Be Cast Steel Or Iron, Hand For Scale

Answer: Vintage mailbag hook.

Image credits: Berd_Turglar

#84 This Looks Like A Typewriter But The Letters Are In Alphabetical Order

Answer: A keyboard panel from a tabletop jukebox selector.

Image credits: midnightfeline

#85 Two Plastic Bullet-Type Things I Found In The Pen Pokets Of My Alpha Industries Bomber Jacket

Answer: Pocket protector. The caps prevents your pen from staining your coat.

Image credits: Ra7vaNn05

#86 A Kitchen Utensil With A Wooden Handle, Attached To A Round Metal Cup With 3 Spikes (With Holes In)

Answer: Funnel for making a portugese sweet called "Fios de Ovos" or egg threads.

Image credits: 20ht

#87 What Are These Solid White Domes Of Varying Sizes The One Pictured Here Is About A Meter High And Meter Wide Though Some Were Bigger. Found All Over The Andalusian Region Of Spain. They're Solid With No Openings And Seem To Be Made Of Some Sort Of Solid Rendered Material Maybe Concrete

Answer: It's a well cap, in Spanish "aljibe"/ cistern. They are very typical in Almería, cabo de Gata area.

Image credits: burger_licker

#88 In Someone's Front Yard In Utah. A Few Neighbors Had Them. Holes Were Drilled Into Certain Squares In The Grid

Answer: grids/drill holes used for dynamite excavation.

Image credits: Preece

#89 What Is This Folding Hook I Found

Answer: Folding button hook.

Image credits: KindaFreeRealEstate

#90 Glass Hollow Oval With Clear Glass Stopper And Three Glass Legs. It Has An Indentation On The Bottom With A Hole In The Middle Of It. What Is This?

Answer: Fruit fly trap.

Image credits: Donutbill

#91 What Is This Giant Tower? It Has Windows On The Side, And It Can't Be Much Wider Than A Staircase. It Is Connected To A Tiny House Labeled ''fire Station''. Small Town In Quebec, Canada

Answer: a hose tower

Image credits: MindlessKitty

#92 Some Kind Of Targeting Calibrator? Directly Across The Road From Gowen Air Base In Boise

Answer: Ballistic solution board

Image credits: GeekOfDoom

#93 Smooth 500g Oval Shaped Chrome Plated Weight?

Answer: Manual scale calibration. It’s so you know the exact weight of an object when you compare it to another object, want to tare the scale

Image credits: TractorChainsawJohn

#94 Witt? Zip Tied To The Underneath Of My Mountainbike Seat. Flimsy Plastic And There Are 2 Of Them

Answer: It's a pad spacer

Image credits: MenBeGamingBadly

#95 Ashtray With Another Spot Above. I’m Curious About What The Circle Is For

Answer: a table lighter

Image credits: BreakfastJunkie

#96 What Are These Red Things? They Are On The Steps Of A Church In The City I Live In. They Don’t Have Wheels But They Are Easy To Move

Answer: place to set things if you sit on the stairs next to them. Like a mini end table

Image credits: AshtarofAshroth

#97 Modular Curved Wooden Pieces With Two 1/2" Holes In Each Segment. Only One Hole In Each Segment Goes Completely Through The Wood For A Simple Wooden Dowel To Keep It All Together. The Other Hole Only Goes Halfway. Bought At Thrift Shop

Answer: a candle holder

Image credits: pocketcabbage

#98 The Strange Chair With A Bowl Attachment In My Workplace Bathroom

Answer: First aid chair

Image credits: joshedis

#99 Found From Set Dec On Film Set, No One Knows What This Is. Handle Is About Three Feet, Circle Is Around 10" Diameter

Answer: It's a handle attachment for a commercial blower vacuum. We used to use them to remove/install insulation in attics.

Image credits: Aldeobald

#100 Wife Ordered Rolls Of Thank You Stickers On Ebay. This Came Instead. Already Called For Return. What Are They? Green Cylindrical Rolls Of What Smell Like Green Tea? I'm A Big Tea Drinker And That's What I Think

Answer: plant fertilizer sticks

Image credits: Riggs4488

#101 I Saw This In A Theater, What It This Piece Of Metal ? (8 Years Questionning Myself. Please Help)

Answer: it's a light but school didn't pay for this option

Image credits: SlyCooper1712

#102 What Is This Attachment On The Shower Wall In Our Apartment? Looks Too Wide To Hold Soap I Think

Answer: sponge holder

Image credits: safemoon_shill

#103 What Is This ~6 Inch Tall Piece Of Plastic With A Metal Base That Collapses In To It?

Answer: It's a clarinet stand

Image credits: LifeIsAnAbsurdity

#104 Large, White Container Found On Flatbed On The Highway In Midwest Us. Says "Urgent " On The Label

Answer: It's a shipping container for a General Electric CF34 Turbofan Engine, commonly fitted to Embraer and Bombardier Jets. It'll be urgent because there will be an Aircraft sat on the ground waiting for it (AOG).

Image credits: Trimeresurus_macrops

#105 A Complex Machine With Gears And Wheels Found On A Glass Slide Photographed In The 1930s. Negative Came From A Portrait Photographer Who Took Photos Of And Around Milwaukee, Wi

Answer: a steam turbine

Image credits: Jirafael

#106 Large Concrete Containers With Slab Lid. Completely Enclosed. Being Buried Together. Hundreds

Answer: burial vaults for a new cemetery

Image credits: jhaymes12

#107 Pipes Running Throughout A Wooded Area. Spotted Near A Quarry In Pa. What Are They For?

Answer: They are for tapping sap to make syrup. They no longer use taps and buckets (for large scale production), they string it back with pipes to a central large collector like this

Image credits: catsm19

#108 Witt? Saw It On The Pavement (Sidewalk) In London. It Looks Like A Piece Of Fabric Between Two Bolts Stuck To The Pavement

Answer: It was holding down tubes for a pneumatic traffic counter.

Image credits: OPTengu

#109 Heavy, Metal Box. The Top Has A Heavy Lid

Answer: It looks like a storage box for a high activity radioactive source.

Image credits: wrstlr3232

#110 Plastic-Like, Circular Object (3 Cm), Made Of "Cells" (As In Beehives) Distributed Around 4 Concentric Rings. Found On Several Beaches, Sardinia (Italy)

Answer: biofilm used to treat waste water

Image credits: nicolasap

#111 Found Four Of These Capsules Filled With What Appears To Be Metal Shavings?

Answer: It’s a pill for ruminant animals

Image credits: LeaMonster

#112 Found This Plugged Into The Wall At My Airbnb… Host Says It’s A Night Light Can I Get Some Confirmation?

Answer: Automatic LED Light

Image credits: decadehydration

#113 Large Machine Connected To A School Building With A Barrel Underneath It

Answer: Dust collection system, probably coming out of the wood shop

Image credits: Daddict

#114 Metal Structure On Top Of Flat Top Mountain In Utah. South Facing Solar Panel With Antennas On The North Side. Interestingly Enough, It Has A Button On The Outside That Activates A Bell Inside The Structure When Pressed. Picture Of External Control Panel Included

Answer: an amateur radio repeater on Flat Top

Image credits: zen_mattson

#115 What Is This Cast-Iron Contraption With Cage And Magnifying Glass?

Answer: Orchid Magnifier.

Image credits: Navevan

#116 My Apartment Builder Fixed This Random Looking Thing On The Roof .not Sure What It Is And What It Does. It Was Recently Fixed And I'm Not Sure If It Is Anything Significant. Can Anyone Fill In My Curiosity

Answer: It’s a reflector for surveying. Most likely used to determine building movement/settling over time.

Image credits: Just_a_maybe

#117 Round, Metallic Looking Piece, Halfway Stuck In The Ground, Placed In West Germany. Was Afraid To Get Closer. Explosive? I Called The Police. They Cleared The Area And Send Me Away

Answer: Wheel Cap from Trabant.

Image credits: Tschostick