To My Youngest On Your Third Birthday

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Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl! You are three today!

Not a toddler anymore, but a real little person! How fast how that time gone!

You have changed so so much during these past 12 months. The biggest leap so far. No longer mumbling and chatting anyway in your own adorable language, but speaking so clearly, confidently and perfectly (with the most adorable, cheeky little voice I might add!).

You've learnt your colours already, learnt beautifully how to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and even your ABC's. You still love drawing, listening to stories and colouring - but more than anything,  you love playing with your big brother and sister. Polly Pocket, Superheroes and Bluey are your new favourite toys to play!

You are such a sweet, loving little girl with close relationships to me, your daddy and your brother and sister - but each relationship is different. Your daddy/daughter relationship is all comfort and relaxion. Cozy cuddles and snuggly naps, taking time out for yourselves, together. It's so loving.

Your relationship with your big sister is very loving and caring. She cares so much for you, and you look up to her so much. Your big sister who will show you the way of the world.

Your relationship with your brother is so much fun! You are always playing together, hiding away plotting cheeky games and activities or pretending to be the Avengers and fighting bad guys - often wearing your matching Spiderman costumes! He cares for you so deeply, your big brother who will always look after you. 

Our relationship is different again, it's very full of love, comfort and protection. I'm not the 'super fun mum' I'd like to be, but I know you know just how much I love you, how much I will smother you with love and affection whenever and wherever you need it. Even if you don't need it. I'm the one you turn to when you need help or extra loving and squeezes.

You are such a clever, polite, funny and sweet little girl - cheeky too! You are such an incredible child and you make Mama proud every single day. 

We love you to the moon and back. 

Happy Birthday Little One xxxx