This News Anchor Mom Goes Viral Online With 31.6M Views After Reporting On Her 2 Y.O. Toddler’s Tantrum, Making It Comedic Gold

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One of the greatest things about having kids is being able to show them the world, explore it with them and teach them various things that will help them in the future. Of course, it takes a lot of patience and effort to make sure that these experiences are pleasant for both the kid and parent. Very often, parents of young children find it challenging to understand why their kids are upset, especially in a public place where besides a crying kid, you have to feel all those mean and disappointed looks from other adults. What could help in this case? TikTok user and former news anchor Kayla Sullivan decided to look at this from a more humorous point of view by implementing her professional reporting and parenting skills.

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Kayla Sullivan, a former news reporter and now a mom to a 2-year-old son, recently went viral on TikTok

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The viral video with almost 32 million views shows Kayla wearing professional clothing and makeup, making her look just like a news anchor ready to tell very important news. And only a plastic toy microphone gives away that the woman is preparing for a different kind of news segment. In the video, the mom of a 2-year-old son speaks about his recent outburst at the Olive Garden restaurant. The woman revealed that nothing could calm the little boy, and this situation became a true test to a mom who believes in gentle parenting. Kayla continued by telling that the situation escalated to a point where the boy demanded “chechup,” and his wish was fulfilled by “a good Samaritan” waitress who brought him the ketchup. The woman added that later, the same person got to witness how a ketchup-covered fork was thrown at her.

The woman reported on her toddler who threw a tantrum in a restaurant

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The woman spared no detail in explaining the situation in the most serious and skilled way, but actually made millions of people laugh at this. A lot of parents could relate to this “news report” as they also have been doing their best at keeping their toddlers happy during outings so that they could avoid unnecessary and unpleasant looks from other parents.

Bored Panda contacted Kayla to find out more on the matter. The woman shared that she was surprised to see her video go viral online. “It was so exciting and comforting to see how many people could relate to the experience I described in my report. I’m very grateful and excited to make more videos in this same format,” stated the mom of a 2-year-old.

The video that now has more than 31.5 million views is praised by parents who very often have lived through the same experience

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Kayla revealed that the idea to create such a video came as she used to be a television news reporter, and now this has been replaced by being a mom to a toddler who sometimes throws public tantrums. “I have missed reporting and this was a great way to have the best of both worlds! I am using my talents from TV news to bring comic relief to parents across the world. It’s so much more fun than reporting on the doom and gloom of the world as a real TV news reporter,” shared the woman.

The reporter explained the situation by also revealing that her son had thrown a fork at a waitress who brought him “chechup”

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Kayla created a follow-up video where she interviewed some eye-witnesses who had a lot to say about her parenting style

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A lot of people, especially parents, reacted to Kayla’s video. It was interesting to find out which of these reactions the woman found most interesting: “My favorite reaction came from parents who said my content makes them ‘feel seen’ as a parent.” According to the woman, a lot of parents found support in her account, and she’s very happy about this. Of course, there are some people who also wanted to express some negative feedback, coming at Kayla with their own points of view about parenting.

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One of the interviewees, Tammy, revealed what kind of parenting styles she believes in most

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The woman also shared some thoughts about what parenting means to her: “I’d also like to clarify that although I’m reporting on the hardships of being a toddler mom, it’s actually the greatest job in the world and my son is a wonderful, well-behaved child! He is just a normal toddler with tons of energy and sometimes it is difficult to manage! He isn’t actually a two-year-old terrorist as I call him in the fake news report. That was just for laughs and to make the report sound like a legitimate news story.”

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And Karen was able to explain the difference between gentle parenting and permissive parenting

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Being a parent is a difficult and responsible “task” that seems to never end and some situations might become too overwhelming. In this case, Kayla reminds us that tantrums and outbursts are normal, and what is important to take into account is not letting “the rude stares and judgment make you feel like a bad parent.” The woman stresses that kids shouldn’t ruin other people’s meals but at the same time, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take your kid to public places.

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“I think it’s useful practice and helps them learn how to behave in public even though they aren’t always successful at it. As long as you are respectful and remove them during the tantrum, I personally think bringing your kids out can be an enjoyable experience!” explained the woman. “I really don’t want people to think just because they have a child, their days of experiencing going out to eat is limited to date night!”

Kayla also made a follow-up video where she interviews the eye-witnesses who saw the “incident” at Olive Garden. Her sketch perfectly shows how some people like to pass their beliefs and rules of parenting onto other parents.

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People online found Kayla’s videos to be hilarious and showing the truth about parenting

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