The Best Batman Toys for Every Caped Crusader

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It may have been several years since the caped crusader was last seen on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean Gotham’s dark knight is any less popular now than he’s ever been. Batman boasts more longevity than most other superheroes could ever dream of. And, with Robert Pattinson’s The Batman coming in 2021, it’s only a matter of time until bat fever returns, and the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have to accept their spot in the shadow cast by Batman’s cape.

If you are a big fan or have kids or friends who simply can’t get enough of The World’s Greatest Detective, this list is for you. To celebrate Batman’s ever-present fandom, we’ve put together some of the best Batman toys available on the web. Whether you’re a Bale person, Affleck through and through or prefer the animated action, there’s a toy for every Batman fan.

Before jumping into the toys, we’ll give you an overview of the concepts behind the various Batman toys available for all the different ages. Then, you’ll find our collection of the 12 best Batman toys available for purchase online.

Batman Toys for Toddlers

It’s little surprise that superheroes appeal to children from a very early age. Their levels of protectionism, fast cars and the ability to fly make them a nearly guaranteed hit with almost every age, including toddlers. When it comes to choosing a Batman toy for kids of a younger age, plush Batman dolls and toddler/kid-friendly figurines and cars are ideal for anyone around or under the age of four.

Batman Toys for Kids

Kids from four to 13 are at a prime age for loving Batman toys. Things that can become the crux of imagination play are adored by kids in this age group, whether that’s an action figurine, something they can ride or even a costume to dress up in.

Batman Toys for Teens

Nolan’s Batman did a lot to make Batman the coolest superhero on the block. Films like Batman Begins and the oscar-winning The Dark Knight brought superhero films to older age groups like never before. In the case of Batman toys, Funko Pop! characters and LEGO sets appeal to both the youngest and oldest of teenage Batman fans. 

Batman Toys for Adults

While adults may not partake in as much imagination play as the younger generations, there’s still something about figurines, Funko Pop! characters, LEGO and die-cast models that appeal. It’s this appeal that makes these adult-worthy Batman toys great gift ideas for anyone who’s really into the Gotham-based superhero.

Hot Batman Toys

With the new movie on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time until the market is flooded with new Batman toys, including models of the new Batmobile and the first figurines of Robert Pattinson in his Batman outfit. Other new toys you can expect include LEGO, Funko Pop models and comics.

Now, if you’re ready to shop for the best Batman toys, check out our collection below.


1. LEGO DC Batman Batman Batwing Heist Building Kit


What makes the LEGO DC Batman: Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist Building Kit the best thing on this list is its versatility. After gaining the satisfaction of putting together this 489-piece kit, you’ll have several pieces to play out your favorite Batman-based scenes. The kit includes the Batwing, a police car, a lockable safe and a helicopter that is capable of shooting missiles. Character-wise, you’ll find Batman, Commissioner Gordon, The Riddler and SHAZAM!, giving you everything you need to create numerous storylines. Furthermore, the range of assorted weapons and bat elements further adds to the customizable nature of this great kit.

best batman toys lego dc

Buy: LEGO DC Batman Batman Batwing Heist Building Kit $49.99


2. Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman Figure


If you love comic books but haven’t heard of Funko Pop!, where have you been? These miniature character figures, including this Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman Figure from 1997’s Batman and Robin feature film, are the ideal collectibles for kids and adults alike. They’re available in a range of different characters as well as different styles and always come accompanied by an impressive number of positive reviews from Amazon users.

best batman toys funko pop

Buy: Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman Figure


3. Paladone Batman Travel Mug


If you’re after a Batman toy that is functional and fun, consider the Paladone Batman Travel Mug. This officially-licensed mug is a great gift idea for partners, friends or family who love the caped crusader. It sports a sleek design with a textured, rubberized finish for easy gripping and comfort. The 15-ounce mug also includes a double-walled, stainless steel construction that is completed by the presence of the recognizable bat signal on the exterior of the vessel.

best batman toys paladone travel mug

Buy: Paladone Batman Travel Mug $14.75


4. Batman: Year One


Reach for Inside Batman: Year One to discover a Batman story no true Batman fan would ever want to miss. For many, there is no better story than the one that lies inside these covers, which is why this popular comic is a great gift idea for teens and adults who love the caped crusader. It begins with Jim Gordan’s arrival in the city and includes other highlights such as Bruce meeting Selina Kyle and, of course, Batman’s figurative birth.

best batman toys year one

Buy: Batman: Year One $8.89


5. Batman Bust Money Bank


Another functional toy on the list is the Batman Bust Money Bank. In addition to looking great on shelves and desks, this upper-bust model of Batman can hold all of your loose change or serve as a great way to teach kids that saving money can be fun. The bank is constructed from tough plastic which is ideal for younger kids. It also includes a removable plastic stopper in the base for when it comes time to cash out and spend your savings.

best batman toys bust bank

Buy: Batman Bust Money Bank $15.28


6. Franco Kids Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel Wrap


For little Batman fans, the Franco Kids Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel Wrap is a great way to get dry and feel super doing so. The hood and cape-style towel lets you pretend you’re Batman as you dry. It’s made from 100% cotton and ideal for indoor or outdoor use, whether that’s after a bath, at the pool or at the beach. The wrap is super absorbent, machine washable and available in a range of other child-friendly styles, too, so there’s probably one for every kid in the family if Batman isn’t the number one pick.

best batman toys franco kids bath

Buy: Franco Kids Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel Wrap $17.99


7. VNUSToys Action Figure Set


For kids who love imagination play, pick them up this VNUSToys Action Figure Set. The set includes six individual figures from across the DC and Marvel worlds, including Thor, Captain America, Superman, The Hulk and, of course, Batman. Each figure is around four inches tall, and when they are put together, they create a great gift for one or more kids who love spending hours making up their own character-based adventures. The characters’ outfits are also based on the recent movies, meaning they are more recognizable than some other available figures.

best batman toys vnustoys marvel toys

Buy: VNUSToys Action Figure Set $21.97


8. Animal Adventure Batman Collectible Plush


While Batman may spend most of his time kicking ass and saving the city of Gotham, that doesn’t mean he can’t spare time to put you (or your kids) to bed every night. In this Animal Adventure DC Comics Batman Collectible Plush, you’ll find everything you could want from a Batman-inspired cuddly toy. The plush sits at just over 10 inches tall and is made from ultra-soft fabric which is ideal for both cuddling and imagination play when the Bat-signal is in the sky.

best batman toys animal adventure dc


9. Jada Toys DC Comics 2008 The Dark Knight Batmobile


Without wanting to enter into an argument about which Batmobile is best (it’s this one), imagine how great this Jada Toys DC Comics 2008 The Dark Knight Batmobile would look on your shelf or desk. Designed for anyone above the age of eight, this die-cast, 1:24 scale model of the tumbler from The Dark Knight movie includes a cockpit that can open and rubber wheels. Furthermore, for added realism, you’ll find a highly detailed finish with realistic markings and colorings along with a 2.75-inch Batman figure to complete the scene. And, if you aren’t convinced the tumbler takes the number one spot, many of the other Batmobiles used in various films and comics are also available.

best batman toys jada toys dc comics

Buy: Jada Toys DC Comics 2008 The Dark Knight Batmobile $24.99


10. Quantum Mechanix World’s Finest Q-Fig Max Figure


As a Batman fan, you already know that one of the caped crusader’s downsides is that he’s limited by his human, super power-less body. And while he more than makes up for that with clever gadgets, brute strength and firepower, he’s never going to be able to fly without the aid of something or someone. This Quantum Mechanix World’s Finest: Batman & Superman Q-Fig Max Figure points this problem out in a rather amusing way as you witness Batman unhappily flying through the clouds only held up by his buddy, Superman, who finds the whole thing hilarious.

best batman toys quantum mechanix


11. Justice League Batman Voice Changing Helmet


There are few better ways to show your love for your favorite comic book character than to become them. You can do just that when you step inside this Justice League Batman Voice Changing Tactical Helmet. Inspired by the iconic Batman helmet featured in the Justice League, you’ll be able to flip the tactical visor up and down as well as activate the edge light. The built-in voice changer lets you sound just like the caped crusader, while the alternative mode, which is also built-in, lets you play phrases from the movie and other authentic sound effects. For Justice League and DC fans, this is a hard-to-beat gift.

best batman toys justice league helmet


12. Batman Folding In-Line Scooter


If your child loves to burn off energy outside and a Batman-inspired vehicle would be an ideal way to achieve it, the Batman Folding In-Line Scooter could be the answer you’re looking for. While it’s not quite as cool as the Batmobile, this steel and plastic scooter features all you need to fly down the street in style. On the front, you’ll find a bat-shaped plaque along with a black and yellow Batman-inspired color scheme. For comfortable riding, the handlebars adjust to the rider’s height, and for easy storage and transport, they fold flat into the footplate.

best batman toys folding in line scooter

Buy: Batman Folding In-Line Scooter $33.31


13. Imaginext Fisher-Price Transforming Batmobile


If you’re looking for a Batman-related gift for a child between the ages of three and eight, there’s no better answer than this Imaginext Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile. It has five-star reviews from over 95% of Amazon reviewers and includes dazzling reviews from parents with extra-happy kids. In addition to being remote-controlled, this versatile Batmobile includes both sounds and lights for added entertainment. It also sports a projectile disc launcher and comes with a miniature Batman figure to allow for easier creative play.

best batman toys imaginext fisher price dc

Buy: Imaginext Fisher-Price Transforming Batmobile




Celebrate what was perhaps the best comic book villain portrayal ever seen on the big screen with this DIAMOND SELECT TOYS The Joker PVC Figure. The standalone figure, which is constructed from PVC, encapsulates the memorable opening scene of The Dark Knight, where we were first introduced to Heath Ledger’s Joker. In the figure, he’s standing on top of one of the bags of stolen money with a clown mask in one hand and several joker cards in the other while wearing his famous purple and green outfit, complete with full makeup.

best batman toys diamond select joker

Buy: DIAMOND SELECT TOYS The Joker PVC Figure $159.99


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