Parenting Is About Ditching the Cute

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My toddler son is crazy about animals. Animals that are extinct, living in the farm or zoo, savannah or sea. You name it, he has at least one toy already.

The part that amazes me is that his favourite animal is not a cute sheep or a magnificent elephant. He loves his Hippopotamus to the tee.

He carries a small hippo toy in his hand all the time. Other than spending its time inside his palm, it can be found resting under my pillow or in places you could least imagine in the most unexpected times. It has actually made me believe hippo ghosts exist too.

The scary toy with its wide-open mouth showing its wild teeth is an image you want to avoid. Once you take a look, you can never undo it!

Recently, I watched him play with the toy, poking its teeth with his fingers and holding it close to him. When he left the toy behind to go out, I immediately grabbed it and laughed aloud about what am I missing?! The hippo now comes in handy during my stressful times. It makes me smile through the tough times and worst.

In all seriousness, I am also learning that Parenting is all about ditching what we think is cute and allowing the kids to go wild with whatever they want!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! -Plato.

What is a parenting moment, that made you feel goofy but had a hidden life lesson? Please share it in the comments.

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