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Tomorrow our baby boy turns one and I could cry thinking about how quickly this year has passed! I remember giving birth and visiting him in the NICU and praying around the clock and ultimately getting to take him home like it all happened yesterday and yet I also know we’ve squeezed so much joy into these past twelve months. Peter is truly the happiest little human I’ve ever known — an infant who would routinely pause nursing to look up at me and smile, a baby who was content to sit in the playroom and watch his older brother run circles around him, and now an almost toddler who claps for himself as he eats dinner or dares to take a step. I don’t know how we got so lucky as to call this precious little guy ours but I thank God every day that we did! Having two under two has stretched us in ways I never anticipated, but I thank my lucky stars that it was Peter who welcomed us to that new club in parenthood. I said from the time he was a newborn that Peter was an angel baby who could easily trick us into thinking we could handle a third, and now that that’s coming to fruition I know it will be the greatest gift to see him share his contagious joy with his baby brother. Happy happy birthday, Peter! We couldn’t love you more and we’re so beyond lucky you’re ours. 

Those little blue driving loafers kill me…!

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P.S. One year with Teddy and two years with Teddy.

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