Mother Essentials: Anne Laraway of Happy Family Organics

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If you have a toddler or preschooler in your home, chances are, you might have a product (or ten…) by Happy Family Organics in your kitchen (and diaper bag!). Today’s mama, Anne Laraway, is the CEO and “Mom In Chief” of the brand, which aims to make it super simple to feed kids organic, nutrient-dense snacks, while also striving to become a business dedicated to food equity and Net Zero carbon emissions. A New York City resident, Laraway spent some time with her family—including kiddos aged 7, 5, and 2—in her Minneapolis hometown during the pandemic. Recently settled back into NYC city life, she’s sharing over a dozen practical mom-of-3 must-haves—from leggings to Happy Family faves—that are currently getting her through her busy days!

Yeti Mugs. “These Yeti mugs are my accessory of choice whether summer or winter.” Yeti Rambler Mug, $30, Amazon.

Grape Waterloo. “Grape Waterloo sparking water is the best. I drink these most days! The company was founded in 2017 and gives back to local communities.” Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water 12-Pack, $3.99, Target.

Yuba Cargo Bike. “We call the Yuba Sweet Curry Cargo bike ‘the big orange bike’ in our household. It’s a great way to commute with little ones. Before we moved from New York to Minneapolis during the pandemic, we used to joke that this was the Brooklyn minivan.” Cargo Bike, $1,500, REI.

Little Unicorn Blanket. “I take this outdoor blanket everywhere. It’s perfect for beach days, outdoor music classes, and picnic lunches. Plus, it’s water resistant and easy to clean, which is essential when you have three little ones.” Outdoor Blankets, $55 and up, Little Unicorn.

Woom Bikes. “We like to go biking as a family, so both of my boys have these Woom bikes for kids. I’ve fallen in love with this brand. They make great quality bikes that are lightweight and easy to learn on. With three kids who will all get good use out of them, they are worth the investment.” Kids’ Bikes, $199 and up, Woom.

Melissa & Doug Mini Sketchpads. “These are the perfect companion for travel and dining out. Add a pack of markers and the kids can draw, write, play games, and make maps for hours.” Melissa & Doug Mini-Sketch Spiral-Bound Pad 4-Pack, $16.71, Amazon.

LEGOs. “Sometimes the good, old-fashioned toys are the most popular in our household. Everywhere you step, you can find LEGO in our house. I love that they inspire creativity and occupy my kids.” The Lego Shop.

Chocolate Almonds. “My husband and I are obsessed with chocolate covered almonds. They are our go-to dessert most nights. If you live in the NYC area, the FreshDirect brand are the absolute BEST!” Chocolate Covered Almonds, $10.99, FreshDirect.

Initial Necklace. “I’d been searching for an initial necklace to commemorate the birth of my first son when my husband gifted me this Maya Brenner one, which I love and wear every day. I now have all of my kids’ initials on it.” 14K Gold Asymmetrical Initial Necklace, $240, Maya Brenner.

Happy Family Organics Pouches. “I’d be remiss not to mention Happy Family Organics’ pouches, which are my kids’ go-to daily nutritious snack. Even my older boys still eat them. I’m particularly proud of our HappyTot Love My Veggies pouches, which have 1 servings of veggies and taste delicious!” LoveMyVeggies Pouch, $1.59, Happy Family Organics.

Pocket Leggings. “These leggings have become my uniform during the pandemic. They have a convenient side pocket and are a wardrobe staple.” Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight, $98, Athleta.

Reusable Nursing Pads. “I have lived in these Bamboobies reusable nursing pads for many years of my life! They’re comfortable and washable, so they don’t create unnecessary waste.” Bamboobies Nursing Pads, $17.37, Amazon.

Cozi App. “From shopping lists to activity calendars, my husband and I use the Cozi app to coordinate who is going where and organize our lives.”

Child Care. “Our nanny Linda helps us function as a family of five. She is the bus driver, logistics coordinator, and part of the family. I don’t know what we’d do without her!”

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