Let’s Explore Penguins ~ A Penguin Unit Study for Kids

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Are you planning a penguin unit study? Let’s Explore Penguins will be a great addition! In this subscriber freebie, your student will learn facts about penguins, where penguins live, their sizes, and more! Kids will also be able to record their research about penguins on a special notebooking page for each penguin featuring a photograph of the penguin!

Penguins are fascinating animals and while preparing this resource I learned so much. Many are familiar with Emperor penguins, and a few other types of penguins, but are you familiar with all 17 types? Did you know that some scientists even disagree about how many types of penguins there are?  

Interest in Penguins?

In our homeschool, I have always loved simple and direct learning that is curiosity-based and not filled with busy work. I don’t print worksheets just to have something for my kids to do. If I print it, it’s for a reason. When I create new printables, I always keep this goal in mind and keep things as simple as possible. The lesson that you develop as a homeschooler will be filled with more than just what you’ll find here. I assume you are here on my blog, visiting this post because your child is interested in learning about penguins and maybe you searched online to find resources for creating a penguin unit study. I have yet to meet a kid who isn’t interested in penguins but have met many who are VERY interested in penguins. If your child has a high interest, you can expand this penguin-themed unit for weeks with tons of penguin crafts, penguin activities, penguin books, and penguin learning fun! Hopefully, this penguin resource will give you a great place to begin!

Penguin Books

You’ll definitely need to check out some penguin books from the library or buy some from Amazon to add to your kids’ book collection. I have created an extensive list featuring books about penguins that your child can learn from. 

If you’re feeling super sweet, grab some tiny penguin toys so your child has little penguins to explore with!

Penguin Sensory Play

Feeling SUPER sweet, create a penguin sensory bin, even older kids get into these! An Antarctica sensory bin with tiny penguins? Yes, please!

A few I found online:

Let’s Explore Penguins

What’s Included?

Let’s Explore Penguins includes a cover page in case you’d like to create a notebook {either using a binder with an option to insert a cover or by binding the pages with a binding machine}.

Penguin Information Sheets

In addition to the penguin books you add to this study, you’ll find a few printables included to add to your child’s research. I created these pages to insert at the beginning of your notebook as simple reference guides,

  • Penguin Facts
  • Types of Penguins
  • Sizes of Penguins
  • Locations of Penguins

Penguin Notebooking Pages

The core of this printable unit study is the individual pages for each penguin. You’ll find 17 different pages each featuring the following

  • Name of penguin
  • Latin name of penguin
  • photograph of penguin
  • Recording lines for your child to write in the type, height, weight, location, diet, and features
  • World map for your child to record where this particular penguin lives.


  1. Emperor Penguin
  2. King Penguin
  3. Gentoo Penguin
  4. Chinstrap Penguin
  5. Royal Penguin
  6. Humboldt Penguin
  7. Magellanic Penguin
  8. Adelie Penguin
  9. Erect-crested Penguin
  10. African Penguin
  11. Macaroni Penguin
  12. Yellow-eyed Penguin
  13. Rockhopper Penguin
  14. Fiordland Penguin
  15. Galapagos Penguin
  16. Snares Penguin
  17. Little Penguin

More Penguin Printables

We have a set of Penguin 3 Part Cards here for free! These are a great addition to your penguin unit study! 

If you have younger children, be sure to grab our Penguin Peek & Find which also features the 17 types of penguins in a fun game format!

The Penguin Pack contains 30 printable pages of penguin-themed reading and spelling activities that work well for students at any level. Penguin ABCs, Rhyming Penguins, Fun Penguin Facts, Penguin Word Search, & more!

How Do I Get Let’s Explore Penguins?

Let’s Explore Penguins is available for free as a gift to my email subscribers!

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