Better Late Than Never: 114 Fascinating Finds People Shared In This Group

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The world is a big place, so naturally, things get lost and forgotten. But they often resurface, too. Just take a look at the subreddit "Took You Long Enough."

This online community isn't the biggest, but its 30K members provide a constant flow of unexpected finds. From simple — but interesting — stuff like old newspapers to more mysterious discoveries, like a 227-year-old pendant, they always have something new to show off.

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#1 Woman Loses Engagement Ring In Garden Finds It 13 Years Later On A Carrot

Image credits: clambiv

#2 We're Remodeling Our Bathroom And Our Contractor Just Sent This

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#3 My Dad Finally Found His Missing LED Zeppelin Tickets... 44 Years Too Late

Image credits: joshimax

#4 A Very British Response, Cheers Jon!

Image credits: sorry_to_intrude

#5 What Are The Odds?

Image credits: nikkideath

#6 This Silver Pendant I Found Metal Detecting Is Dated 227 Years Ago Today

Image credits: bowlerboy5473

#7 My Great Grandmother Kept A News Paper Of When America Landed On The Moon. Just Found It Today

Image credits: colymoly_guacamole

#8 Found This Post In A Really Great Fb Group I’m A Part Of. Birth Announcement From 1988

Image credits: Songs4Soulsma

#9 Found This In The Crawl Space Above My Bedroom!

Image credits: zzcaronn

#10 [after 30 Years] Brothers Return To Chernobyl To Find An Old Toy Friend Waiting (1986-2016)

Image credits: Sosumi_rogue

#11 Found On Facebook

Image credits: colymoly_guacamole

#12 Tearing Down An Unused Chimney Only To Find 25 Generations Of Stacked Up Birds Nests

Image credits: KitKat376

#13 While Tearing Up Their Carpet, My In-Laws Found A Giant Monopoly Board

Image credits: benhornigold

#14 Shoutout To My Mom Who Very Kindly Brought Me "Dumbells" From The Basement And Even Washed Them So I Could Work Out At Home With Weights - Turns Out These Are Old Soviet-Era Hand Grenades

Image credits: b00ty_water

#15 My Roommate Bought A Pair Of Pants At The Thrift Store And Found This In One Of The Pockets

Image credits: wanna_go_home

#16 Friend Of Mine Just Moved Into A New House. Took Off All The Heating Vents To Paint Them, And This Was Behind One Of Them

Image credits: Dat1Waffle

#17 My Uncle Found A Bag Of Volcano Ash From Mount St. Helens With A Note Tucked In The Back Of One Of His Cupboards

Image credits: emoji_wut

#18 We Were Cleaning Out Our Aunts House Who Had Just Passed Away And Found This. My Great-Great Grandfather’s Enlistment Paper To WWI

Image credits: cowboycock69

#19 This "Bookmark" I Found In An Old Shakspeare Book Is A Voting Ticket From The Civil War

Image credits: Sosumi_rogue

#20 Found These 110(?) Year Old Crayolas In The Back Of A Family Secretary Desk. The Pack Still Has The Crayons

Image credits: b00ty_water

#21 Only About 11 Years Ago, But Still Pretty Cool

Image credits: mattarm18

#22 Found This “White Couch” In A Free Pile Years Ago And Saw A Rip In It Last Night When I Was Cleaning To Find It Was Reupholstered Over Gorgeous Emerald Green Fabric This Whole Time!

Image credits: bulimianrhapsody

#23 Found An Over 100 Year Old Time Capsule In My Backyard!

Image credits: Gtclem0

#24 I Was Digging Around In An Attic In St. Paul And Found Some Soap From 1874

Image credits: Arson_Aussault

#25 My Mom Was Cleaning Up And Found A Piece Of Paper Her And My Dad Wrote On From Before They Got Married In ‘86. They Were Together Until 2011 When My Dad Passed

Image credits: nelzinef

#26 103 Years Ago Someone Lost Their Coin Purse

Image credits: Sosumi_rogue

#27 This Washed Ashore From ‘Dorian’. “Please Don’t Open Me, My Ashes Are On A Journey, I Started At Cumberland Island, So If You See Me Ashore, Please Snap A Picture, Email It & Throw Me Back So I Can Travel Some More”

Image credits: Im_lovin_you

#28 Found A Marriage Certificate From 1895 In A Flooded Cabin We Renovated

Image credits: MissLauraJ

#29 This Old McDonald's Coupon I Found In My Grandfathers Things

Image credits: nickaa827

#30 Found My Grandmothers Calendar Which Contains The Date Of Her First Date With My Grandfather. Thursday The 10th 1955. They Would Get Married 1 Year Later

Image credits: Pararescue199287

#31 Letter Found From My Namesake, Elizabeth Ford Wagar. Both Middle Names Are Ford. Written 1894 When She Was 20 Years Old To One "Dear Little Woman." Stored In Multiple Bags To Keep In Good Condition. Currently Buried In Downtown Wells, NY Where We Still Visit Her Headstone

Image credits: Pararescue199287

#32 Found A Drawing Of A Robot In A Chemistry Book From 1918

Image credits: 9Sandwiches

#33 I Knew You’d Come Back

Image credits: Cryptid_Countdown

#34 A 54 Million Year Old Gecko Trapped In Amber

Image credits: lukexSkywaka

#35 Cigarette Holder Gifted To My Grandfather From His Af Unit While They Were Stationed In The UK During The Korean War. “From The Old Gang, 8/7/1954”

Image credits: Pararescue199287

#36 Love Finds Like These! Picked Up These Vintage Levi's And In One Of The Pockets Was A Movie Ticket For A Bug's Life In 1998

Image credits: pleasekillmenowok

#37 This Shoe Was Left In The Window For 2 Months & It Shrunk

Image credits: otc108

#38 My Mother Found A 4th Birthday Card She Forgot To Pass On To Me... I’m 26 Now

Image credits: kaelliam

#39 About 10 Years Ago I Replaced A Dresser I Had Since My Childhood. I Found This Burred Within My Sock Door And It Was Never Used. I'm In My Early 40s Now And Keeping It As It Is The Only Picture Of Me As A Child I Have

Image credits: PatricioINTP

#40 My Grandpa Gave Me A $2 From 1953

Image credits: Agent_Toast01

#41 Lady Found A Message In A Bottle From 1926 While Diving

Image credits: bowlerboy5473

#42 Found Two Bottles Of Guinness In The Attic. 1874 I Think

Image credits: relddir123

#43 This WWII Newspaper Of Germany’s Surrender Found In My Grandparent’s Attic

Image credits: anon

#44 Took Him Long Enough

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#45 A Vancouver Elementary School Just Unearthed A Time Capsule After 50 Years. In It Was A Letter From Then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

Image credits: wanna_go_home

#46 This Carpenters Pencil Is The Oldest Known Pencil In Existence. It Was Found In The Roof Of A 17th-Century German House

Image credits: automaticHierophant

#47 I Found This Very 90s Pen In A Drawer

Image credits:

#48 I Found A Box Of Kraft Mac & Cheese From 1988

Image credits: partykiller999

#49 This Victorian Era Bottle Of Horse Cure All We Just Dug Up From A Customers Garden

Image credits: firemanjoe911

#50 Found An Old Newspaper From When Kennedy Was Shot While Cleaning Out The Garage

Image credits: Agent_Toast01

#51 Found $10 In The Pocket Of My Ski Jacket From 5th Grade!

Image credits: akroe

#52 My Mother Found This Newspaper From 1944 While Redoing The Kitchen In Her 85(Roughly) Year Old Farm House

Image credits: in-my-personalspace

#53 These Medieval Ruins Randomly Found Under A Schools Gym Hall

Image credits: Damn_Kramer

#54 First Boot In 17 Years, All On 90’s Equipment

Image credits: cat9tail

#55 I Might Have To Do This One Day

Image credits: DextTG

#56 I Came Across A Tank Tread In The Woods

Image credits: firemanjoe911

#57 Found 40 Year Old Doritos Under My Porch

Image credits: gandalfthescienceguy

#58 Iran Is Getting Tense With Us, Climate Change Is Happening Now, And Someone Waited 35 Years To Use A Free Disneyland Ticket. We’ve Officially Hit A New Low

Image credits: MrLion626

#59 Container Found After Presumably Floating In The Ocean Since 1976 (And Not Degrading One Bit)

Image credits: CalbertCorpse

#60 Repairing A Wall Hole In My Sons Room. It’s Been There, Behind His Door For Years. Just The Perfect Size To Drop Toddler Toys In! 20 Years Of Matchbox Cars!

Image credits: jnoelwhite66

#61 Found This Boot In A Pillar While Renovating The Porch. The House Was Built In 1927, But I'm Sure It's Still Really Comfy

Image credits:

#62 A Book I Found In The Thrift Store

Image credits: MrbBoxMan

#63 While Taking Part An Old Cabinet We Found An Old (And Very Brittle) Rolled Up Newspaper From 1914!

Image credits: RodeoPuppet

#64 This Book From 1892 I Found Inside A Hole In The Wall In A Rental Flat Post Image

Image credits: auldnate

#65 Notes From Over A Century Ago. Pulled Out Of Our Roof - A Lump Of Wood Scrawled With Complaints From The Builders: "American And Spanish War Is Now On. Everything Is Getting Dear. April 1898"

Image credits: a_squad_of_squids

#66 Netflix Blu-Ray I Never Returned. Whoops

Image credits: ladyvont321

#67 After A Construction Company Caused A Local Reservoir Level To Sink 10 Feet, A 600-Year-Old Buddha Carving Was Found

Image credits: justonemorepuppy

#68 Oldest Door In Switzerland, ~5000 Years Old, Found In 2010 In Zurich

Image credits: TheHarcker

#69 This Wwii Era Turkish Army Officers Dress Sword That I Found Cleaning Out My Grandfathers Things. We Sadly Have No Idea How He Got It To Begin With. He Was Not A Weapons Collector

Image credits: Necrojerk

#70 Found Old Newspapers Used As Insulation In The Wall Of A 130 Yo House

Image credits: Batman_Forever

#71 Woman On Facebook Finds Stacks Of Newspaper From 1943 In Fairly Good Condition When She Ripped Up Her Carpet

Image credits: honestlywhoocares

#72 This Rock My Sisters And I Put Between These Tree Limbs 10 Ish Years Ago

Image credits: machandcheez

#73 Found This "Old" Cd Player/Radio, When I Opened It I Found Another "Old" Gem Inside. A Classic Combo

Image credits: Hrafninn13

#74 Someone Peeled Off 20 Years Worth Of Subway Ads To Reveal This Road Trip Poster, Circa 2000

Image credits: Agent_Toast01

#75 50 Years Ago Today

Image credits: caketreesmoothie

#76 Only 15 Years Late

Image credits: Devin1405

#77 Found This Glass Gatorade Bottle Out On A Nature Walk Today! The Top Was Sticking Out Of Some Deep Mulchy Ground. Glass Bottles Were Discontinued In 1998!

Image credits: _stabbit

#78 Replacing White Boards At This School Over The Summer Has Revealed An Old Chalkboard Covered Up 40 Years Ago With Class Notes Still Present

Image credits: anon

#79 Bought A Marilyn Manson Cd At A Thrift Store. Someone Left Their Ticket From 1997 Inside

Image credits: cocainebody

#80 This Was The First Movie I Went To See, My Grandmother Had Sealed The Tickets Up In An Envelope & I Was Sad I Never Saw Them Again Until I Just Found Them At The Bottom Of A Shoe Box Full Of Old Cards & Letters! I Relished Opening This. Movie Ticket Stubs From 1994, $4.50 A Ticket

Image credits: alchemyofelsweyr

#81 A Toys R Us Employee Found A Boxed Copy Of Mario Kart 64 Hidden Under Their Shelves

Image credits: b00ty_water

#82 I Found A Pre Y2k Zippo While Magnet Fishing Today

Image credits: hedge-mustard

#83 1947 Hospital Bill Found Out My Parents’ Attic. Not Sure Who It’s For

Image credits: firemanjoe911

#84 Was Told To Post This Here. Just Found 7 Unopened Cans Of Bud Light From 1996 In The Crawl Space

Image credits: i_see_shiny_things

#85 My Dad Cut His Knee Up Pretty Bad Right Before We Went To Visit My Grandparents. We Forgot To Bring Band-Aids But Luckily Found Some In The Back Of A Medicine Cabinet... Only To Discover This 1970s Ad On The Back Of The Box (Several Days After We Started Using Them)

Image credits: license_to_fish

#86 Cleaned Out Grandma's Spice Cabinet Today

Image credits: cocainebody

#87 Renovating A Cupboard And Discovered A Floor Safe After Living Here For Two Years

Image credits: _mimotakito_111_

#88 Asked My Father In Law For Some Matches To Light The Grill With This Weekend. This Is What He Came Back With. 38 Years And It Fired Right Up

Image credits: dieselengine9

#89 60 Bottles Of 1920s Bootlegger’s Whiskey Found In NY Home’s Walls

Image credits: mrzozo1

#90 One Of The Advantages Of The Lockdown Is That The Mother Is Finally Getting To The Bottom Of Her Giant Chest Freezer. Behold: 25 Year Old Puff Pastry

Image credits: flamingbaby47

#91 This Progression Of Staple Packaging. All Found In The Bottom Desk Drawer In The Office Of The Store Where I Work

Image credits: chelseadagger2113

#92 1977 McDonald's Christmas Trash Found In The Wall Of Our House

Image credits: patakiciprian

#93 Wfh Forced Me To Clean Up My Office Where I Found This Unopened Bottle Of Orbitz. Launched 1997 And Discontinued In 1998

Image credits: firemanjoe911

#94 I Found A Citibank Charge Card Buried In My Yard That Expired In 1979

Image credits: mattjnaz

#95 Cleaning Out Cd’s. Damn I’m Old

Image credits: sksk2125

#96 Found A Knife I Lost Years Ago In The Yard With A Metal Detector

Image credits: fishingfreak00

#97 A Guy In New Hampshire Was Cutting/Splitting Up A Tree That Fell Near A Ballpark And Found This!

Image credits: pleasekillmenowok

#98 Mace Windu But He’s Been Under The Fridge For 7 Years

Image credits: tominator68

#99 I Was Cleaning Out The Closet In My Classroom And Found 50 Year Old Teaching Posters!

Image credits: missviolaswamp

#100 Not Exactly Vandalized But This Floorboard Says “This House Was Built By Floyd Harshaw. If You Don’t Like The Way It’s Built, That’s Too Damn Bad. June 21, 1956”

Image credits: FakeMan77

#101 Wall Paper Behind The Drawers Of My Built In Dresser. House Built In 1901, Not The Oldest But Still A Beauty Full Of Secrets

Image credits: alchemyofelsweyr

#102 Found This Under A Picture Today! 7/21/69

Image credits: bowlerboy5473

#103 When I Worked At A Grocery Store A Customer Used A .07 Coupon From 1976. I Kept It And Just Now Found It In A Book

Image credits: 18021982

#104 These Old Drink Cans I Dug Up While Renovating My Backyard

Image credits: EricTheEskimo

#105 Bought The Book 1984 At The Goodwill And Found Two Receipts From 1984 Inside

Image credits:

#106 I Work In Home Remodeling. Previous Owner Of My Clients House Made An Hvac Duct From Soldering Old Anti-Freeze Containers Together

Image credits: colymoly_guacamole

#107 I Work For The Railway And Found This Gatorade Carton In Near Mint Condition In A Tunnel. Date On The Top Says June 16, 1988

Image credits: emartinoo

#108 I Found "Sexual Positions" On Vhs, Copyright 1985, Hidden In Basement Rafters While Repairing Plumbing

Image credits: BAGOTOV

#109 Found The 1994 Receipt And Extra Buttons In The Pocket Of A Jacket I Bought At Goodwill. Thinking About Trying To Return It

Image credits: diapostal

#110 My Very First Find! And Kind Of Funny Because My Brother Lost This 25+ Years Ago

Image credits: portling

#111 I Bet It Tastes Great

Image credits: monkey-nutz

#112 Amazon Box From 1997 Found In Basement

Image credits: Batman_Forever

#113 Found This 130+ Year Old Bible At A Yard Sale Today!

Image credits: vndsgn

#114 Found At My Uni Behind A Fire Extinguisher - 1968

Image credits: johntyboy