Best Water Guns

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Best Water Guns

Nothing kicks off summer break like a siege of Super Soaker streams from the neighborhood kids. You might be a grownup now, but there’s no need to let adulting interfere with your aquatic action. We’ve compiled a list of the best water guns for kids - and kids at heart - so you can engage in some serious water gun warfare whenever the mood strikes.

Water gun fights liven up pool parties, barbecues and trips to the beach. They’re fun for the whole family, whether you’ve got a trio of toddlers or a competitive wife or teen.

But wait, we know what some of you are wondering right now…

And the answer is no, water guns do not promote violence. The Toy Association debunked this belief back in 2018, and CNN took a similar stance when it interviewed psychologist Michael Thompson. Toy guns, whether they’re water guns or Nerf guns, encourage creativity - not violence.

With that being said, aquatic attacks are one of the best summertime activities no matter how old you are. So go ahead - check out the best water guns for your next backyard battle below. We’ve got something for every summer soldier, from blitz-inducing blasters to toddler-friendly squirt guns.