Best Baby Bath Tubs and Seats

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Bath safety is extremely important. Read these bath safety tips, plus get recommendations on the best baby bath tubs and seats!

Best Baby Bath Tubs and Seats

The caregiver who is inattentive to the small details of bath time is facing the possibility of tragedy within a few short seconds. By taking the time to ensure that certain precautions are in place, a caretaker will ensure that the fun of bath time does not end in a heartbreaking tragedy.

Parents and caretakers should seriously consider acquiring a bath seat or baby bath tub for the baby bath time. Bath seats are small infant-sized seats in which the baby can either sit or recline as she is being bathed. These seats ensure that the babies’ head will not drop below the water, decreasing the chance of accidental drowning.

Supervision During Baby Baths

Caregivers should always keep in mind that it only takes babies seconds to drown. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that, “About two-thirds of drowning deaths (in children) in the home, not including swimming pools, occur in bathtubs.” A baby needs less than 2 inches (6 centimeters) of water to drown.

Parents should never leave a baby alone near water. Even if the baby is in a bath seat and the parent thinks that she is properly propped up, the baby should not be unsupervised.

It is important that caregivers have all the materials and supplies that they need for baby bath time within easy reach. Caregivers might consider creating a checklist which they reference before bath time to ensure that all that is needed is available before the baby is put in the water.

Once the bath starts, parents should not get distracted and leave the baby for any period of time. Caregivers should allow the answering machine to pick up phone calls during bath time. Doorbells can be ignored during bath time. If a caregiver must step away from the bath in the middle of bath time, the baby should be taken with the bather.

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Water Temperature for Baby Bath

Bath water that is too hot can scald the tender skin of a baby and leave third degree burns all over his body. Parents should never put their baby in water that is above 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius).

Caretakers should set the thermostat of the water heater this temperature to ensure that no accidents occur. If necessary, a thermometer to ensure that the water is not too not. Caretakers who do not have a thermometer should test the water on their wrist or elbow before they put the baby in the water.

Bathing Responsibilities

Caretakers should be cautious as to who they allow to bathe the baby. Young children, such as older siblings, should not be allowed to bathe the baby. These children can help by handing supplies to the bather during bath time. Teenagers should be permitted to bathe the baby only under adult supervision. Caretakers who feel uncomfortable with another relative bathing their baby should take care of bath time before the relative arrives.

By taking little precautions, caretakers can ensure that bath time is a fun time for the baby as well as themselves. Tragedy will be averted by making sure that the baby is never left alone as well as when the bather is giving bath time his full attention.

Below you’ll find our list of the best baby bath tubs and seats.

Best Baby Bath Tubs and Seats

Bath Seats

Proper precautions should be taken while using the bath seats or bath tubs. A parent should never lift the bath seat while the baby is in it. Lifting the seat with the baby could result in the baby dropping or wiggling to the floor. The suction cups of the bath seat should be tested before the baby is placed in the seat.

Best Baby Bath Seats and Baby Bath Tubs

Note: As with any product purchase, I recommend reading reviews and researching the product yourself before making a decision!

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