Baby A: 21 Months Old

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 If you happen to notice chocolate chip cookie stains on the guest room sheets -- this is the culprit. 

Baby A is in the "young explorer" phase and is getting into all kinds of things.

He knows what he wants and yells until the bigger kids give it to him. 
Then he is very pleased with himself and his treasure.

He enjoyed having the art supplies handy in the dining room and tried to show us that he was ready to join our art class. 
He loves pulling things out of cupboards or off of shelves -- leaving a trail behind him.

Our house is not very toddler proof and he often finds fun "toys" hidden in the cupboards. 

He is learning to use his silverware and would much rather be at the table with us than in his high chair.

The blanket storage area makes a very cozy jungle gym.
He is very good about taking his mid day nap.  He loves to be snuggled up in his blankie while he naps.  If his blankie falls off in the night he wakes up.  I get up and snuggle it back around him and he goes right back to sleep. He is a stinker and a daily joy to us all.