89 Times Strangers Acted Unbelievably Wholesome And It Made These People’s Day

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The world needs a lot of kindness in these dark days. One thing that helps keep our spirits up is realizing that even among all the darkness, hate, and violence, there is still a lot of Good (yes, capital ‘G’) in the world. Some people go out of their way to be kind to those they don’t know. And this article is a celebration of that.

Redditor u/v_rose23 started up a wholesome and heartwarming thread on r/AskReddit. She asked people to share their stories of the nicest interactions that they had with complete strangers. They came through. And their tales might just restore some of your faith in humanity, dear Pandas.

Scroll down for some soul-healing posts. Remember to upvote the ones that you enjoyed reading the most. And if you’re feeling up for it, why not pop on by the comment section to share your own experiences with kind strangers?


I was searching for a parking space in the city where parking spaces are rare.

Just as I found one and set my blinker another guy coming from the other direction set his too.

We looked at each other undecided for a moment, than I signaled a rock paper scissor game through my front window. He immediately understood and we played one round. He won the game so I still had no parking space, but the interaction made my day!


I rear-ended a woman on my way home from work once. I was in the middle of a heated conversation with my passenger, came upon a line of cars at a red light, slammed on my brakes but just couldn't stop in time. The whole thing was my fault, nothing but stupidity and negligence. No serious damage but I hit her hard enough to make her car rock forward.

She got out, asked if I was okay, and gave me a hug before getting back in her car and going on her way.

Made me rethink how I interact with strangers and changed my perspective of people forever.

Still think of her often.


On weekdays when I did my daily practice, a lady I didn't know would sit in a pew knitting afghans.

She'd listen to the organ music and knit, sometimes for 2-3 hours at a time.

One day, she came up to the organ console in the church's choir loft and introduced herself, showing me her finished afghan - a truly beautiful piece of handiwork.

She said, "I knit this for you as a gift in appreciation for your music. I look forward to hearing you practice each day."

When I look at that afghan now, I still see her sweet face, smile, and genuine kindness.

One thing that we learned from u/v_rose23’s thread is that Planet Earth has a lot of everyday heroes. They swoop in, completely unexpected, to spread kindness and love. And their support can mean a huge deal to someone who’s in pain or in need of a helping hand.

During a previous interview, British psychotherapist Silva Neves explained to Bored Panda that human beings are hardwired for kindness. In short, our brains reward us when we’re social and altruistic. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn't a selfish side to us.


15 years ago, I was on my first solo travel trip and I was walking along the pavement of this quiet residential area in Bangkok and it started raining heavily and this man with an umbrella who must have been walking behind me was suddenly at my side and we shared his umbrella for a few blocks and neither of us said anything because we didn’t speak each other’s languages and then when we parted ways we both smiled at each other and I remember thinking that this man’s lovely, kind soul was visible both in his actions and his smile.


I walked down the toaster aisle at Wal Mart a couple of summers ago and an elderly woman was trying to make a selection. She stopped me and asked me my opinion. Until then, I hadn’t noticed that there were so many choices in toasters available nowadays. We discussed the various merits of each toaster and hit upon the type that also toasted bagels as her son’s family visited throughout the year and they enjoyed bagels for breakfast and she would love to provide that for them.

She thanked me for assisting her and wished that we could be neighbors. She said that she had lovely neighbors now but that I was so kind and would be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. That made me feel pretty good. I walked away beaming.


I was in Denver’s International Airport and me and my dad were on standby the entire day.

First flight home we tried was early 4am. Then we tried four more throughout the day. As an 7 year old little boy, i remember feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and just exhausted because i wanted to go home so badly. My dad bought food at one of the restaurants in the airport to cheer me up but i remember crying and bawling to my dad saying “i just want to go home”.

Little did I know i would meet one of the nicest strangers that day. On the last flight to phoenix, Arizona at around 12 am, a man who was also on standby today gets called to board but he took the last 1/2 seats meaning me and my dad would have to stay overnight at the airport. But this kind generous man decided to give up his spot so that me and my dad could get on the flight. I cried again and hug him with all my heart and said “thank you”. He said that he also saw us the whole day on stand by and noticed that we were feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. His selfless act and generosity truly shaped the way I see humans and helped me be the person I am today.

According to the psychotherapist, people have two different instincts: one for kindness and one for survival. The desire to help others vies for control with our desire to protect ourselves. It’s a constant inner battle because we’re worried that by helping someone, it might somehow backfire on us.

However, there are lots of benefits to being kind, too. “Being kind is good for us because it gives us a sense of purpose, it raises our self-esteem, and it releases feel-good brain chemicals,” Silva explained to Bored Panda.


I was staying in a homeless shelter and I'd just cut my abusive mother out my life. I felt like absolute crap and decided to sit in McDonalds for a few hours just to kill time. I'm sitting there and this wee girl (maybe about 5) comes up to me and asks me why I look so sad. I don't want to bum this kid out so I just say "I've had a rough few days" she says to me "wait there, I wanna ask my mum something" so she runs back up to me a moment later and hands me a balloon. I'm a bit confused and try to say "thanks but it's your balloon, I don't wanna take that away from you" but she's absolutely certain this balloon will make me happy. so I'm sitting there with this balloon she tied around my bag and invites her mum and sister over to talk to me because she thinks I need company and cheering up. it was actually really sweet. kind of reminded me no matter how shit my parents were, there's still good parents out there. I gave them my happy meal toy and £1 each. the mum was also super nice. we sat there chatting for a bit.

it doesn't sound like much but I'll always remember that because it was something i needed and just cheered me up. I think I might still have the balloon in a box somewhere.


When I was a kid me and my family travelled around Ireland for a bit. When it came time to get the ferry back to England, our van broke down and we missed it. There wouldn't be another ferry for two weeks.

The Irish family whose house we broke down outside of took all six of us in for two weeks and never asked for anything in return.


I was driving home from work one day in my early 20’s — I was doing property management at the time, and I dressed to get dirty and drove a piece of shit.

I drove by this woman in a red convertible — she was older and looked absolutely stunning. Had this multi-colored silk head wrap on and it was just dancing in the wind. I loved this woman’s aesthetic so much that I had to say something. So, we got to a stoplight, and I rolled down my window and exclaimed “I love your scarf!”

Without missing a beat, this woman turned over to me, without even taking me in, and yelled back “I love you!” it was something straight out of a movie. I’ll never forget that moment.

“It [kindness] is also good for others, obviously. So kindness is actually something that we, humans, are naturally driven to be,” he said.

The psychotherapist drew attention to the fact that despite our inner desire to be kind towards others, human beings are also generally wary of strangers.

“The sense of kindness is in competition with our survival mode, so, as human beings, we tend to live in contradiction, between kindness (opening our arms) and protection (closing our arms),” Silva said.


Grabbed the last train out of the city one night, damn thing broke down. It's about a 45 min train ride to my station, and a 15 min car ride to my house.

I try and get an uber - no luck. So I ask one of the ticket takers, he says it'll be an hr to get fixed. It's about 11pm so I close my eyes for a minute and bam! wake up at the last stop, probably 3am. Phone is dead, I'm 5 miles from my stop, and it's the middle of winter.

Unprompted this tiny old lady comes up to me (clearly seeing I was distressed) and says "Hi honey I'm Dawn, did you miss your stop?" Sure enough she drove me right to my car, a total stranger in the middle of the night. We spoke about her cats, said merry Christmas to one another, and I've never seen her since. That was some time ago, but every Christmas I raise a glass and think of Dawn, hoping she's happy with her cats.


I was on a bus going to work, and I had purple lipstick on. (obviously that was before pandemic). anyway. a guy sitting next to me suddenly took out a notepad and wrote something then showed me. it said "I am mute. sorry to bother you, but I like your lipstick."

I don't know, it was just really cute and wholesome


When I was six I would always wave to random drivers while I was in the car

All of those random strangers would smile and wave back.


Homeless people have endless stories, just randomly sitting close to them and just chatting made me open my eyes to a lot of stuff.. Society treats homeless people like they are not people, sad.


I have done my Under Grad in a different state in my country other than the one I lived from my childhood. I don't know the language they spoke there, I don't even have a common grounds to which I can explain the necessary things to people if required.

After the admission, I had to go to Hostel from the administration office. I didn't know the route or any basics to complete before final admission.

Then I met a stranger there, who was from my locality, He helped me explain everything even then my stupid brain couldn't get it, Then he put aside all his works and dropped me off in respective places and helped with whole process.

I never actually met him again, But I couldn't have thanked him enough.


My father had a brain bleed and also has dementia. He was refusing to go to a larger hospital to have surgery to repair the damage. I had gone out of the room, found a waiting area, sat down and started sobbing.

This girl, maybe in her 20s came and gave me a hug. She had some sort of intellectual issues and had her parents or caregivers with her.

Anyway, her parents tried to stop her from coming over to me but she just stood there and hugged me then let go and walked away. That was one of the sweetest hugs I have ever recieved and at the perfect moment.

Dad had the surgery


I'm a server at a restaurant and I was talking to a lady at one of my tables and we ended up on the topic of gardening, said I'd always wanted to get into it so I could grow my own fruits and vegetables. We ended up talking for about 30 minutes in between me checking my other tables. She gave me some advice on how to start, since she was older and had been gardening for over 30 years.

The next day, she came into the restaurant again and I was about to show her to a table but she told me she wasn't there to eat, only that she had brought me something. She pulls out a cute little bag, with tissue paper and everything, and inside are 4 different types of jams she made with berries and fruits from her garden. I hugged her and couldn't say thank you enough. She said she was just happy to talk to someone for a while the day before, as she had lived alone since her husband passed. She never came back into the restaurant, I'm not sure why, but I hope that woman's garden is flourishing!


A woman at my gym, when I first started lifting, told me that I inspire her. That was several years ago, but I still think about it and try to keep up the intensity that garnered such a comment.


Guy in a truck cut me off pretty bad as he pulled out of a gas station. We shortly ended up next to each other at the next light. I could see he was already looking my way as I crept next to him, seemed like he was anticipating a reaction from me. I looked at him with my I'm going to work in the morning face but just have him a head nod with a slight smile I could muster and mouthed good morning to him. His whole demeanor changed to smiling and laughing and returned the gesture. We both had a good laugh from our vehicles while making awkward eye contact till the light changed.


I was alone at a bar, heartbroken, crying and sobbing endlessly. Just broke up with my girlfriend. A german dude (in his early 60s) sat at the table behind me. In my outburst, i heard him order 2 pints of beer. Minutes later, i heard a glass arrive at my table, and the german dude sat infront of me on the same table.

We talked for 5 hours. Will never forget that. thank you Andreas.


I locked my keys in my car and had no way of getting someone to bring me my spare key. My friend and I were trying to jimmy a wire clothes hanger through my door when a guy in a locksmith van drove by and asked if we needed help. He was headed home from work and got me back into my car...free of charge. Bless that guy!


I was on a train home during a break from school. At the first stop a girl got on and took a seat next to me and once the train started moving again she pulled out her laptop and starting playing Portal. I was watching her play when I noticed her get stuck and politely asked if she wanted some help.

We spent the next 4 hours on train talking about anything and everything like we were long-lost best friends. One little thing would lead to a whole tangent, like when her text message ringer played a Zelda sound effect. She apologized because she said most people find the sounds annoying, but she just loves Zelda. I told her it was all good and showed her one of my tattoos which is a tri-force. It felt like we had so much in common.

I told her about how my girlfriend at the time had just broken up with me and about how I was feeling depressed. She told me about how her girlfriend had broken up with her, too, and how she was taking the train to surprise her in person and hopefully work things out. It was a really cathartic and incredible day. At every stop we would both get quiet for a few minutes, hoping the other person wouldn't be getting off yet, and then laugh and blurt out how we were glad the other didn't have to leave yet. Eventually, I had to get off. We hugged for what felt like minutes as the train pulled in and she started to cry.

She told me I was one of the nicest people she ever met, and I told her the same. We only talked a few times on Facebook after that before I deleted most of my social media but I'll always remember that train ride. That was one of the coolest experiences of my life.


I lived in Crown Heights in grad school, south of Eastern Parkway. 2 things for those who don't know, my old neighborhood is one of the world headquarters for Hasidic Jews, and on high holidays Hasid's attempt to get more secular Jewish people to perform mitzvahs, and they'll often ask strangers "Excuse me, are you Jewish?". Normally if you say no they'll just stop talking to you.

Now it was 1am and I was getting home from a bar on what was apparently Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. An older rabbi is on my block with like 3 or 4 teenagers. He stops the conversation when he sees me "Excuse me, are you Jewish?" And I said "Nope." And I'll never forget the joy in his voice when he said "Ah, no worries. Have a great year. You don't have to be Jewish to have a great year." I will still sometimes think to myself, he's right. I don't have to be Jewish to have a great year.


I was a goth kid, I think 20 at the time. My car ran out of gas in winter, so I pulled my car over and started walking. As I'm walking, a lady stops and asks, "is that your car over there?"

"Yeah, I ran out of gas..."

"Oh... is that all? Ok, well hop in! We'll go get you some gas!"

So, I got in her car. We went to the gas station. She filled up a gas can and wouldn't take my money. She also bought me a drink and snacks. Then she took me back to my car, filled it up, and made sure I was able to drive my car before she left. Sweetest lady ever.


While working the other week, I was cashiering, usually I don't, but since I know how to use the machine by teaching myself they let me cover for someone. This women I'm helping, she comes up to me and says "I love your smile" and I was so confused and she just says "in my 12 years shopping here I never see anyone smile and yours is so refreshing and nice" and I just had the biggest fucken smile all day. That was the first compliment I had gotten in ages and it was a good day


A woman came up to me at a gas station and handed me a homemade cupcake. On the wrapper was a note that said something along the lines of “my son would have been 10 years old today. I know that he would rather me celebrate his message of kindness on his birthday instead of being sad that he is no longer here. Enjoy this cupcake!”

I got back in the car and must’ve cried for 10 minutes straight.


when I worked food service drive thru. I guess it was more of a series of interactions but I had a regular who I didn't think anything about after she got her coffee and such.

I have since stopped workin there and about 3 weeks ago I'm sitting in a restaurant eatin my burger, mindin my business. and she comes up to me and recognizes me. Says I always helped her and that I had the best customer service.

turns out, she owned that and one other restaurant and was offering me a position in management in one of her restaurants. so that was neat


I missed my train once and I was freaking out in the station because I was due at an interview. Full blown crying at the poor station staff who didn't know what to do with me other than put me in a quiet waiting room.

I was sobbing to myself in between calling my mum and then-bf when an older lady came over to see if I was OK (obviously I wasn't). She didn't ask any prying questions and instead offered me some sweets and just sat with me while I calmed down. A few minutes later another train guard came to find me and told me they could fit me onto the next train going to my destination and to just go to [this carriage] and [this seat]. Time came to board and I made my way down the platform to where I was told, only to find she'd put me in 1st class. I felt incredibly guilty the whole way (though did take advantage of a tiny bit of free breakfast).

I still made the interview AND got the job!


I was commuting between Sweden and Germany for a bit. I was super bummed going back to work in SE. I went to a train station toilet and it had a weird mechanism where u can pay with debit or change. When I came out an older lady was fighting with the machine and I asked if I could be of any help. She held up the debit card helplessly and I could see in her face she really had to go lol. I took my last euro of change and put it in the machine. I’ll never forget her face, the purest form of a thank you I’ve ever seen haha. She thanked me at least 4 times before going in.


I arrived back home in Ireland and went to get on the bus at the airport. I only had enough cash on me for the bus home and didn't know the airport bus was a different price from the normal local buses. I realised I didn't have enough and a guy behind me who was buying tickets for a group of like 4 friends just gave the driver money and included me when he bought the tickets, and walked on without a word. That's when I knew I was home.


One time outside a club after it closed some huge 6ft jacked drunk dude with an angry glare came up to me and yells "You! You're Mexican!" And I respond "No, I'm British and my parents are Pakistani" and he then yells back "No! You ARE MEXICAN!" then proceeds to bear hug me and say, almost tearfully "you're my Mexican friend" and then walked off.


I was at this outdoor concert with the family of the man I was dating at the time.

And there was a couple with their toddlers and the person I was sitting next to asked them if the boys were twins. The parents said yes and I said, "Well you know what they say about twins."

"What's that?" The dad said.

"There was too much awesome for just one person."

And the parents both just said the most relieved thank you I had ever heard in my life. They couldn't have been more grateful if I had pulled their kids from a burning car. They explained to me how so many people would say something negative like, "Terrible Twos," or "Double trouble", just generally negative things about their kids.

It was sad to think that people would be such jerks but at the same time I was happy just to be able to make someone's day.


I had recently moved to Seoul, s. Korea as an English teacher. I was riding my bike along the river and there was an outdoor choir concert going on, so I stopped to watch and listen for a while. A middle aged/older woman sat next to me and in the little bit of English she knew, welcomed me and told me she was also a singer. She shared some rice cakes with me and signaled that she had made them. We chatted a little in her limited English and my VERY limited Korean (only a few words). I felt so welcomed and like I was more connected to the world after that.


Delivery drivers have bad press over here tbh- they normally leave packages on the door step and go. This one driver I’ve seen a couple times and Ive always thanked him and waved him on his way whilst my dogs stick their heads up over the window sill like meerkats to watch who this person is visiting. Anyways, we live in the middle of nowhere and pretty much all my neighbours and us have dogs and our lane is a dead end and quiet so there’s loads of walkers passing by or a neighbours dog milling about. One day this delivery driver drops me off a parcel and goes then five minutes later he’s knocking at my door again. I go to answer and he’s stood there holding the happiest yellow Labrador by its collar saying hey I found your dog wandering across the road here. I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s our neighbours dog and it just always comes down to try and raid our bins. I told him it’s fine I will walk him back up but couldn’t stop laughing or thank him enough. This busy delivery driver stopped to try and return what he thought was my dog. In a time when too many dogs are getting stolen, it made me smile that he would stop for a minute to make sure it got home ok.

Disclaimer: my own dogs don’t go out unsupervised


My card was refused at a checkout for a monthly shop and the woman behind me paid it. I'm not talking a small amount either, in the region of £200 (and this was some years ago). I took her name and address and sent her a cheque, but she did not know me from Adam. Just responded to my embarrassment with amazing charity


In 2009 I was in the military, a friend and I didn’t have money to fly home for thanksgiving, so we decided to go camp, off-road in my new Jeep, and backpack a little for the long weekend. After hitting a few trails and exploring the jeep trails & forest roads we stopped back in town to pick up some food and beer. We stopped at a donut shop that happened to be open in the afternoon on Thanksgiving day, it was one of the few open places. The family who owned it was using the donut oven to bake a turkey and were having thanksgiving dinner in their restaurant. We chatted and said goodbye. As we got into the Jeep, the dad came out and stopped us, they invited us for thanksgiving dinner and we accepted. It was probably my most memorable holiday ever.


I also was walking home and saw an elderly man, so I said “good afternoon”, he looks back at me on the verge of tears and says thank you and tells me about how most teenage kids would just laugh and point at him and gave me so many compliments and said my parents raised me well and stuff. I was really happy


I was in NOLA and was looking for a specific street/restaurant. I was walking by a casino and saw a casino employee (in uniform) who appeared to be off the clock. I asked the person (female) how do i find the restaurant. In a very kind a charming South Louisana accent she started giving me directions and then paused and said “Ya know what sugar, it’s on my way home, I’ll walk with you and point you in the right direction.”. So we walked together for 10 minutes and she gave me the run down on some local spots. True southern hospitality.


I was at the dollar store looking at some stuff for myself and there was this toddler girl maybe 5 feet away from me looking at me the whole time. She walked over to me eventually, tapped my on my arm, handed me an envelope, and scurried off.

I opened it and it had 5 dollars and in her handwriting, "You got RACKed, Random Act of Chico Kindness". I live in a town called Chico.


A baby smiled at me while I was having a bad day


I was sitting on the curb after a long day, waiting for a friend to come by. A very small old lady passed by while walking her dog. She stopped to pick something up on the ground, holding it up to the light. I was so curious, I HAD to ask what it was.

She had found a small striped feather. Turns out, she's an avid bird watcher. She went into depth explaining what type of bird it came from, their migration patterns, diet, etc. At the end of her impromptu lecture, she gave me the feather and taught me how to properly clean it.

Most wholesome NPC encounter I've had.


I was 20, leaving a bad time with a guy I just met. I stopped at a gas station because it was 4am in the winter and my windshield was iced over, and no heater. I went in the store to ask the old man working if he had a card or anything I could scrape my windshield with. He ended up coming outside and scraping all of the ice off my windshield. I thanked him profusely, and he said “yeah yeah, just be safe”. I’ll never forget him.


I had a huge test the next day regarding my job performance at work that would determine a huge promotion.

I went for a drive to a local pond and sat down for about 20 minute smoking a cigarillo. When out of nowhere I hear footsteps and behind my was a guy about my age.

He asked if he could sit down and talk and I said sure. We both talked for over an hour about our life problems and nervousness for life events coming up. I listened to his story and he was just glad to have someone to talk to.

Then he said thanks for talking and got up and walked away. This was almost 5 years ago and I have still never seen him in my town nor seen him in public or at that pond ever. I still wonder if he is doing well and if everything worked out for him.


A kind black lady bought me McDonald’s when I tried to walk through and order through the drive-through and was denied, of course. I tried to pay her back and she refused, but I slipped $20 into her passenger seat when she wasn’t looking


I was on the subway looking at the map to figure out the best transfer route home. A guy was sitting in front of it and moved his head to let me see. Eventually he asked which line I was looking for and confirmed that my transfer was in three stops. As my stop neared, he reminded me that the next stop was the one. He waited until the door was about to open and tells me, "I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable and I am not asking for anything in return. I just want you know that you are absolutely stunning. Have a beautiful day!" I was halfway out the door so when I turned and smiled, he just did a dramatic, "of course - and you have a beautiful smile!" Then waved.

It was clear that there was nothing self-serving about that interaction. He was emotionally intelligent enough to make sure that I didn't feel stuck talking to him or feel obliged to respond. And the manner in which he said it didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. It was just a stranger wanting to make another's person's day nicer by way of a compliment.


I once got caught in a sudden downpour and ducked into an alcove and there was a young woman already catching shelter in there. I said hi and she waved. Turns out she was deaf. I know the ASL alphabet from my sisters growing up (girls in middle school used to use that to chat in class), so we had a really pleasant but slow conversation for an hour or so until the sun came out, and then we said goodbye and never saw each other again.


Before I tell my story, you need to know that I have a TBI from an auto accident. I get vertigo and sometimes fall.

I walking to work on morning. It's just me on the sidewalk. My brain decided that this is the perfect time for me to get vertigo. I fall hard, my nose, mouth and teeth are bleeding. My wrist turns a lot from me trying to break my fall, and my knees are hurting from hitting the ground.

A wonderful woman sees my fall and pulls over. I'm embarrassed, and try to play it off like it's not so bad. She says, "I saw you fall, your bleeding, are you okay".

My nose won't stop bleeding and she agrees to take me to my job (a school), I'm just blocks away. The school nurse applies an ice pack to the back of my neck, and finally my nose stops.

I ended up going to the ER and being off work.

Every time to go to that particular school, I say a little prayer for that woman. Her kindness meant so much to me. I wish I had gotten her name.


It was my first year at a university that wasn't in the best of neighborhoods.

I was walking back from my night class that ended early and figured I would pick up my pay from my job. (I got paid in cash, under the table pizza counter gig). After that, I went to this little shop to pick up cigarettes. As I was waiting, someone came from behind me and mugged me. Got pretty much all my money and beat me up pretty good.

As a broke college student, that was beyond devastating. When I was at the police station giving my statement, the detective slid $20 to me so I could get myself some dinner. Didn't know the guy at all, he was just doing his job. I'm happy he pitied me because I was able to at least eat dinner after that terrible night.


I live in NYC, and in one of my first snow storms there, I came up upon a curb with just pure slush/snow/ice/mystery fluid blocking every reasonable path to cross the street. I stood there just looking at the next clear spot to step, knowing I was going to have to launch myself there. As I prepped for lift off, a man walked up, offered me his hand, and gave me the steadiness I needed to clear the jump. It was so kind yet so small, but I remember it to this day, almost 8 years later.


The summer before we got hit with the virus I went out to the bar with my buddy and had a few drinks. Afterwards we went back to my apartment and we sat outside the building as my buddy was having a smoke. A random guy walked by and asked if he could use my friend's lighter so obviously we gave it to him. We got to talking and before I knew it an hour went by. My buddy then says He's going to go home so I stayed outside talking to this stranger. We wound up sitting out there and talking about everything under the sun from 11:30 at night to around 3:00 in the morning. I went inside and grabbed us some beers and we just sat outside and talked. At the end of the night we shook each other's hands thanked each other for the great conversation and went our own way. I did not get this guy's name or any of his info and he got none of mine. We were just two ships crossing in the night who wound up enjoying the company of a stranger.


We use cards to pay bus trips. One time i had no money left in my card and was about to be sent off the bus (i had no change and the bus only accepts the exact amount of money), a stranger gave me a card that has a few dollars and say I could keep it. I was having a panic attack and almost burst into tears so I couldn't properly thank her.


one time I was walking back from class and I tripped. After I gained my balance the dude coming from the opposite direction on the sidewalk said "it happens to us all brotha" and he put his hand out for a lil high five. I chuckled and connected the best low five CLAP I've ever heard, without saying any word.

Idk why but I remember the interaction but always thought "what a fkn bro." I'm waiting for my opportunity to be on the other end of the scenario if I ever see someone trip


Car slide off the road, thru a chain link fence, and car was stuck on the fence. This is sort of late at night too and I am far from home.

Literally a few minutes later, a truck with what I assumed to be Central American laborers rolls up. Group of dudes jump out of the truck, one says "need some help?" and they literally pull and push my car back onto the road, and virtually no damage other than paint.

I gave them all the cash I had as thanks (80 bucks IIRC) but wish I had more on me just for the fucking gesture and timing. I wish I could thank those dudes again. This was pre cell phone days and I am not really sure how long it would have taken me to get help.


I went to a local convenience store to buy something one day. I had been there a few times and recently gotten a tattoo in honor of my late husband on the inside of my wrist. The older man behind the counter grab my hand when I paid, turned my wrist over and asked in very broken English why I got it. I explained that my husband had died some months prior and I got it on what would have been our third wedding anniversary. He smiled, patted it and that was that. It was a incredibly sweet and gentle exchange.


I love just hopping in a train and just ride around the country. One day doing this an old man came in my compartment and asked if he could have a seat. I was the only one in there. Somehow we started talking about what we are doing, where we are going and anything else in our lifes. Turned out my hobby of just sitting in a train and travelling without a goal was his hobby to. In the end he gave me a railroad map of our country as a present, and said that I would need it more than him in the future..... He was one of the nicest random people I have ever meet.

This was before the covid19 pandemic and He lives in an area that is in a really tight grip by it. I hope he is ok. He told me he lives right next rail line so I sometimes went beside his place when travelling somewhere and waved out of the trains window. (also not at the time)


Usually an older gentleman at the bar. They are usually quiet and alone. They just want someone to talk to for a lil while, maybe they are down in a rut. I can see it made them feel better to socialize a bit and it would also make me feel better as well. There's plenty of kind people out there, they just might be a little shy.


Went to chipotle thinking they had Apple Pay made my burrito and everything then to realize they didn’t the lady behind me overheard and payed for me. The greatest thing ever, it would’ve been 10x easier for her to not to but she did.


I got caught in a really bad summer rainstorm while walking somewhere without an umbrella and got absolutely drenched. I passed another guy walking the other way down the street who was also totally soaked. We made eye contact and just both started laughing


Two days ago my puppy (so not fully trained yet) got out and was running loose. I couldn't get her to come back. A local guy who bikes by all the time passed us and saw what was happening. He used his hat to play tug of war with her, slowly leading her back to the house with it. She destroyed his hat but he absolutely saved her life. I haven't seen him since but I have a thank you pack of cookies and money to replace the hat ready for when I do.


Recently, while walking into a grocery store, a small girl (perhaps 6-8) was playing a claw machine for a stuffed animal and was VERY close to winning. The stuffed animal she wanted was basically balancing on the edge of falling to her victory. Her mother didnt seem to have another dollar and I was immediately heart broken for the child, who was behaving and not throwing a tantrum that she wouldn't get the stuffed animal. I asked the mother if she would allow me to give her daughter a dollar to win the stuffed animal. They both said thank you and I was allowed to give the little girl a dollar.

Well 10 minutes later they ran across me in the grocery. She had won the stuffed animal and said thank you.

I realize this seems strange but being a tall male, shaved head, large beard, and tattoos [I look very much like a 1980-90s stereotype biker] it is extremely rare to be treated, were I live, with anything but distrust and hostility. The general populace were I live also seems to believe that children losing their minds and misbehaving constantly is fine. So two pretty shocking things happened. 1) a child was behaving well in a public place and 2) I was treated with courtesy and helped a little girl win a stuffed animal without the mother assuming I was being creepy.

I recall trying to win those things as a child and being sad getting so close only to not win. I just wanted her to win


This was about 10 years ago. I was late paying my water bill. When I went to pay I guess they added a $25 late fee so I was short. There was a lady there that was getting her water turned on for a new house. She ended up writing a check for the $25 I was short. To this day I pay it forward because of her. I am very thankful for her because it would've cost an extra $200 plus the months bill to turn it back on.

On one of my pay it forwards, it was about midnight, I had just got off work. Went to the gas station by my house, the guy in front of me in line was counting out change to buy something. He was $3 short. Me being tired and kind of sick of waiting in line I said don't worry I got u. I paid the $3 and noticed it was a crack pipe he was buying with change


When I go on the Tube (English version of subway) i always wave at the driver when they pull up at the station, and they always wave back.


My gf got really sick on a boat at sea and needed a pick up from this port 5hrs away after calling me at midnight and 6am to confirm, so we both were pretty sleep deprived. She gets dropped off at a cafe in the port town and I make my way up there. Rains the whole way. I have lunch with her and she feels bad I had to come get her, and is feeling better on land, so she offers to drive on the way home (I was very sleepy).

On the way home, there's been a car accident on the other side of the median ditch. Flames are shooting from this truck. Police there letting it burn out and halting traffic, anyways people on our side have pulled over on the shoulder to stop and gawk, I'm taking photos of it when I notice my gf is looking too and turn to look forward and one of the cars is suddenly pulling out infront of us, I shout to "brake", and due to the slick surface we begin to spin out. We spin around a few times, hit a small sign (probably a "slippery when wet") with the back bumper as we slide into the ditch dividing the four lanes. Thanks to the wet grass there we just keep sliding and spinning out, but I thought in the moment we'd for sure start to roll as there were some rocks catching the tires.

Anyways we blew a tire down there, and after a few attempts (7, with two officers just watching me and laughing and being no help at all) I manage to drive the car up out of the ditch towards the police car guarding the truck fire. When we start to assess damage and put the spare on I realize the car (13+ years old) had the jack/tire iron rusted to the bottom of the trunk. I called a tow truck and due to the truck fire traffic back up, they'd be hours getting there.

A complete stranger, not knowing us and how exhausting of a day we had had, hopped out of his truck (traffic was stopped due to truck fire) and got his jack and tire iron out to help us. Did the whole change over for us, I offered him money for his help, but he just said, "no worries" and went on his way. Mechanics had closed shop for the night so I had to drive that 13 yr old donut to a station, pump it up, and (not wanting to take it on the highway again) take the old roads back for 5 hrs, white knuckling the steering wheel the whole way trying not to hit potholes.

Longest day of my life, and that stranger did us such a solid, taking the time to help us. Owe him a lot for that.


It happened at an airport on the way back home. I was waiting to enter the departure gate area early in the morning and there were only about 10 people including myself.

As I wait the person standing next to me strikes up a conversation about it being early, small talk, etc. The conversation keeps going as we walk to the gate, he stops right in front of one of those airport lounges and goes "The plane doesn't leave for another 30 minutes, you hungry?" I don't know if it was my ragged, jet-lagged face or what tipped this guy to the fact I could use a bite to eat. The associate at the front desk of the lounge gives me the: you clearly don't belong here look, while the guy goes "You're gonna let me in, but not my friend?"

We get inside and there's a whole spread of amazing food and drinks. Guy was just being nice to a complete stranger. We talk some more while we eat and had a great conversation- I don't know what it is about airports, but knowing that you're probably not going to see this person again just brought out one of the kindest gestures from this person. That was 6 years ago I'll never forget it.


I had tickets to see one of my all time favourite bands with a good friend tail end 2019. Gig had sold out weeks before, but I was incredibly unwell that morning, and ended up letting another friend have my ticket.

Absolutely gutted, however they were playing a couple of weeks later, and after a facebook post a kind stranger sold me their spare ticket face value. Met him before the gig and turned out he too was on his own, so we teamed up and saw the band together. Brilliant night was had by all!


When I was traveling up to NY to visit my bf, one connection was in Charlotte at CLT. I'd stopped near my gate to get a smoothie from Einstein Bros. Bagels. I came back to the gate and as I was trying to shuffle among my possessions in front of my seat when I made a wrong move and the smoothie dropped out of my hand. I watched as it smashed on the carpet, stilling everywhere. I sat there, sad, while the airport staff cleaned it up.

The older man (maybe 70s) sitting beside me said, "That smoothie looked really good. Go get another on me. How much was it?" I told him it was $6 and he handed me the cash and it really made my day.


I was lost in a huge train station in downtown Osaka looking desperately at a map when a man came up, and asked if I needed help. He walked with me for several blocks, even clarifying with some convenience store clerks that we were going to right way towards my destination. Once we arrived, I thanked him profusely and bowed so deep and he gave a curt nod then walked away into the crowd to continue his day, just like that! I appreciate the mystery helper so much and have always resolved to help tourists since.


Shortly after I moved to Kentucky, I got caught in the rain while walking back to my car (about two blocks away). I had one person in a car stop and offer to give me a ride, and another person in a house offer to give me an umbrella. I turned both down, but the thought was nice.


Running into the same lady new years day looking for black eyed peas at 4 different stores


A few years ago I went to an interview 2 hours earlier (In Spanish 12 and 2 sound kind of similar so...) And I didn't have much money with me and one of the girls working at the company treat me to lunch so I didn't have to wait on an empty stomach. She was so nice the whole lunch that I still think about it every now and then.


I visited New York years ago and was in line to try out some chicken and rice. It was February (cold cold cold) and a lady approached me. She explained that her and her kid were visiting from Atlanta and ran out of money or something.... Asked if I could help them out. Now, I'm not from that big of a city so I was a bit on guard and didn't want to get ripped off or be used. The guy running the cart heard our conversation. He spoke up immediately while I was still thinking shit through. He gave her a huge plate and said to her "don't worry about it, it's cold out and its just chicken and rice." He was this intimidating big dude and at the time it really surprised me. Maybe not the nicest interaction I've had but certainly sticks out to me. Her and her kid were so grateful.


I forget what exactly the conversation was about but when I worked at Undisclosed Amusement Park Location (I'd rather not name drop for personal reasons) I was working register and this little girl, maybe 6 years old, came up to me and just struck up a conversation. Now I'm generally pretty introverted/antisocial by nature, but this kid hasn't directly done anything to warrant my "I hate kids" to come out, so I indulge her. As I've said I don't remember what the conversation was about, but she was clearly very passionate about it and was all very heartwarming and wholesome.


There was a girl, her seat was right beside me on a bus... We had a small talk and realised we have a lot in common. We talked the entire journey and I even bought her a lemonade when we get off the bus.


I used to work in Malaysia and at a petrol station I accidentally locked my car keys inside the car. I went inside to commiserate with the staff, and this tiny old Muslim lady went into the back room and came out with a metal ruler. She then came out with me to my car, slid the metal bar between the window and the door and popped the lock for me! She then toddled back to work, no big deal, everyone should know how to bust into cars. I was so bloody grateful, it was absolutely no big deal to her whatsoever


One of the nicest interactions I've had with a stranger happened just this past December. I was leaving a big box store with a few Christmas decorations (this was going to be the first year my family would be celebrating Christmas so we were starting from square one). I had my two year old son with me, and a man approached us in the parking lot. He said hello and that he missed when his kids were young and everything about the holidays got them excited, we chatted for a minute about kids and all that sort of stuff then he ended the interaction by handing me $40 and saying "this is to help with the holiday magic." It was so unexpected and I was so grateful for his kindness.


This one just happened so I'm sure I've had others but this one is stuck with me for now. My son waves to everyone at the store including the mannequins. He waved to this older lady and she said "He is just so sweet. This old granny needed that today."


I had gotten t-boned by a pickup truck on my way to school one morning during senior year. It was my second accident in the span of 4 months (neither of which were my fault). A woman and her daughter who had witnessed the accident stayed with me the whole time after they gave their statements to the cop while I was waiting for my parents to come. Of course being a teenager and it having been my second accident in such a short time period I was crying. The sweet woman hugged me and tells me that everything is ok and that all that matters is that I’m still here. I think about her all the time and wish that I could tell her how much her kindness meant to me but I haven’t seen her since that happened. I’m so thankful for her and for people like her


I was 20 pennies short and this person who goes to my school never seen them before gave my a 20 pence.. I cried because That was so nice


Me and some friends decided to go see a movie on a Friday in Israel. We weren’t totally used to how things operate in Israel at the time and were unaware how much everything shuts down during Shabbat including transportation. When we got out of the movie theater we headed towards the bus station but things were already starting to shut down. Only a few buses were around and none of them were headed to were we wanted to go. To make matters worse we didn’t have enough money between us to take a cab (young and stupid). We thought we were going to be stranded.

While we were discussing what to do, an older man and his daughter came up to us and asked if we needed a ride. I wasn’t sure if we should trust them. However, we were desperate and they looked to be trustworthy enough. We decided to take a chance.

We were glad we did. On the way back to the hotel we had a pleasant conversation. They were honestly the sweetest people we could have ever hoped to meet in our predicament.


I had a twelve hour layover in an airport two years ago and I feel asleep sitting in a chair. I was awakened at one point and there were about a dozen elderly Japanese people standing around me in a semi-circle. A younger woman was standing next to me - like only inches away and speaking to them in Japanese. I had no idea what she was saying, but when she was done they all looked at me, smiled, and applauded. Then they all bowed to her, then to me, and then walked off. I went back to sleep.


My wife and I were on our honeymoon at California Adventure. We were in line at the Lucky Fortune restaurant, completely tired and hungry, we were enduring a super slow line (something was wrong with the registers I think). We were still in good spirits so we were laughing with each other and struck up a conversation with the guy in front of us. He was really cool, waiting in line alone so his family could sit in the shade. We talked about where we were all from, the fires (it was fire season) and just general great conversation. When he finally was about to get to the window he casually asked what we were getting because he couldn’t decide. We told him and he ordered for us and paid. It was probably a small gesture for him but for us it was easily the highlight of a pretty rough day. It’s still something I smile while thinking about occasionally.


A kid at the library (pre-covid) told me I "smell like happy feels".


Being English whilst visiting New York in 2017 I had an idea how to get there but did not know the exact way so some random girl literally showed me how to get to the New York Yankees stadium on the subway as she was going to the game also.. that was nice of her!

Probably would not have not made it to the game otherwise!

and it’s not like we were close to the stadium, I must have been downtown somewhere far away.

It may have happened years ago but I really appreciate that strangers help and the cool people I met along the way in New York.


My answer to a similar question that I posed on Quora.

Many years ago I was driving on the motorway and the car in front of me had a tyre blowout. The car swerved and then stopped on the hard shoulder. I pulled in behind the car. I went to the driver to see if they were OK and the lady driver was in a state of shock. She was shivering, shaking and I asked if she had a spare tyre in the boot, she said she didn’t and asked to borrow my phone. I waited outside the car as she sat in the car and made a phone call. Midway through the call she stepped out the car and handed the phone to me and asked me to speak to the person on the line. The person on the line was her husband. I explained to him where we were and he asked me to drive her to the nearest motorway service station (which was about 3 miles away) I agreed it was the safest thing to do considering the time and the fact she was alone. She grabbed her bag and jumped in my car. We drove down to the motorway services and went inside for a coffee. The place was more or less empty and I didn't feel comfortable leaving her on her own so i stayed with her while we waited for her husband. He tuned up about 2 hours later and they both thanked me profusely as he sat down with his wife. I said my goodbyes and got back on the motorway. About 2 years later, I went for an interview for a freelance position in the IT department at a bank. The interviewer was the lady who had the blowout on the motorway. In the interview she said “I already know what kind of person you are, thank you again. The role is yours if you want it"


So a guy a bit older than me just came up to me and gave me a free Oreo ice-cream in, me and my family were in Spain , so I said thanks and we chatted for a bit, his English was crisp and just a really nice guy


Honestly like 3 in a row in Seattle. People stopping on the street to say hello, a man talking with me and his dogs about the history of that beach, two girls invited us into their house party off the street for some shots...

My friend and I were convinced the Seattle Freeze is actually just a big joke for the most extroverted place on earth.


I ran out of gas miles from town and a guy picked me up, drove me to the gas station and back to my truck. Super nice guy.


It was more of series really. On Valentine's during the freeze here in Texas my truck got stuck in the ditch and the homeowner of the house (who I later found out was named Nick) I got stuck in front of helped me the best he could trying to help me get free before I eventually gave up on the attempt, thanked him for his help, and toughed it out as I walked over a mile through ice and snow in sandals and gym shorts (look, I just wanted to go on a quick trip to get some Whataburger, not turn myself into a popsicle).

Later I walked back (and much more appropriately dressed) on Thursday to scrape the ice off and attempt getting it out when a guy named Dave and his wife drove me to the hardware store to get a tow strap and helped to tow my truck out of the snow with his 4x4 diesel. I drove by the house again on Saturday when I saw the homeowner was home and went up to the door to introduce myself and to thank him for his help. He recognized me immediately and told me that he and his wife were worried about me since they had to leave not long after due to the power cutting out and were relieved to hear the news that I had come by on Thursday to retrieve my truck and that I was alright.

We properly introduced ourselves by name and talked for a bit, and eventually went on with our days. I fully intend on stopping by Nick's place again some time later this week and dropping off a note with my contact information to see if there's anything I can do to help him out just like he helped me out in that serious jam two weeks ago. I simply find it absolutely incredible that a person I didn't even know by name and never even met before cared enough about my well being to have he and his wife legitimately lose sleep over me when they already had a baby to worry about rather than some random stone faced 6'6" giant of a guy who definitely looked like he could (and did) handle the storm without much of a problem. Nick is without a doubt one of the best folks I've met in my short 21 years and I sincerely hope to repay his kindness to me that night.


Me and a couple other guys randomly met on a youtuber's stream, and after that we made a group chat on discord, and we still talk with each other to this day. I've never benefited from socializing like this before, so this was a very nice change of pace.


I was once on my way to a small Festival and sat somewhere with many bags (mine, my sisters and my friends) while waiting for the others. A lady approached me and gave me 20€ because she liked how I was enjoying my youth.